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Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Essay

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Major Religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism

Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Essay

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Nov 21, 2017 Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Essay, order essays online cheap -
Views of Religious Similarities and Differences MUSLIMS WIDELY

book report 1 Collins, Suzanne. Islam, Essay. Mockingjay. New York, New York: Scholastic. September 30, 2012. Reason, Type and Setting: I selected this book because the last two books I have read were from the Hunger Games series. I love the the metaphor, Hunger Games books because they are action packed with the right amount of suspense. Mockingjay falls under science fiction, young adult, and Essay even a little tragedy and dix civil romance. My book takes place in a post apocalyptic United States. Judaism, Islam, And Hinduism. It takes place in the future but there was never a specified date in the books. There were a few major conflicts in Kaupapa Māori Theory Essay, the story.

The main conflict of the story was of Peetas kidnapping. Katniss managed to escape out Judaism, Islam, of the arena and reach District 13 as Peeta was captured by President Snows minions. Throughout almost half the story, she worked to get him out from the Capitol and back with her. Once they got him back, he was brainwashed by Snow and war him and Katniss were never the same. One other conflict was who Katniss loved, Peeta or Gale. She was conflicted throughout the book and even the two past books, but she had believed she would pick Gale because Peeta was so crazy since he was brainwashed. Over time, Peeta slowly but surely found himself again and him and Katniss lived happily ever after together.

They settled down and Judaism, Islam, Essay had two kids in District 12. The last conflict was her going through with being the Mockingjay, the face of the rebels. As time went on dix civil and the more involved she was in the war, she realized how so many people are sacrificing and Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism dying for her to overturn the Kaupapa Māori Theory Theory Essay, Capitol. She wanted to quit many times throughout the book, and it really hit her hard when she saw her sister die. What was really surprising is with all the pain Snow brought to her and the rebels, she chose to Islam, and Hinduism Essay kill President Coin instead of President Snow since Katniss had found out that Coin had killed her sister. Snow ended up dying as well but not by Katniss. Peeta is darcy analysis, a white teenager with a stocky build.

He has blonde hair with blue eyes. He had two legs but one was lost after the 74th Hunger Games. He was forced to get his leg amputated and he later got a prosthetic leg. Peeta is a very peaceful and dependable person. He is also strong, and very intelligent as it showed through his actions in the Hunger Games. Peeta was the second main character of the story, and plays a huge role in the story. He is the person who kept Katniss fighting throughout the war. With Peeta dead, Katniss knew she would have lost her drive to Judaism, and Hinduism Essay fight.

So Peeta in a way was Katniss fire. Māori Theory Essay. He was also part of the Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism, Team Gale and Team Peeta controversy. Throughout the series, readers wondered if Katniss would end up loving either Gale or Peeta. Darcy. She ended up with Peeta. I picked this character because he never seemed like such an important person, but as you read more and more, you realize that he is so vital to Katniss life. Essay. When you read about him being brainwashed, you get the sad feeling that him and Katniss will never have the same relationship, and it is sad as a reader to know that. In the end, Peeta was his old self again and him and Katniss get to live their life that they always wanted, which is happy to madonna arts know.

What interests me about Peeta is his love for Katniss. When he was brainwashed, he hated her since he didnt know any better. Once he was getting therapy he was still not the same, but you could see that little spark in Peeta that he is trying to get his old life back, fighting for Essay, Katniss. Dorothea. Throughout all these books Peeta has fought so hard just so Katniss could be his, and it is hard to believe he even went through war and abuse for Understanding Judaism, Islam,, her. You never realize it until after you finish the book and think about it. The plot was the reason why Peeta was kidnapped, the reason why he was brainwashed, and why Katniss and Peeta went through all these hardships just to go back to normal.

All in all, this was a good novel. Right after I had finished reading the book I thought that the ending was bad since I wanted Katniss to pick Gale over Peeta. After thinking through everything that had happened it did not really matter to me and I was just happy what Katniss had did when she was going to execute Snow. (If you did not know, she killed President Coin instead of Snow (the president that came into power after Snow)) This book was very interesting and entertaining because the book kept me on my feet and kept me guessing, two things that I need in a book. It had also informed me of an idea of how countries with dictators work. The dictator is so overbearing and controlling that it just makes the citizens want to rise up and dasein heidegger rebel. Life lessons to remember from Understanding Judaism,, Mockingjay is to fight for Kaupapa and Critical Essay, what you believe in.

Do not be pushed around by others. Do not listen to those overbearing, controlling, and violent people, fight for your rights and your freedom. Understanding Islam, And Hinduism. I would definitely recommend this book to people if you love action and darcy proposes analysis suspense. The feeling of Judaism, Islam, Essay reading this book and thinking that the outcome of something will be this, but is something totally different is what makes a book a page turner. This book compares to real life situations like North Korea. Both of these countries are led by the metaphor, a dictator. Both countries experience the lives they are forced to Understanding Islam, and Hinduism live by everyday. This book reminds me of the Civil War. A group wanting to control and the metaphor dictate a group of people, and another group who wants equality and Islam, and Hinduism Essay freedom for dorothea, all. Understanding Islam,. This relates to dix civil the book and how Katniss and the rebels fought back for their freedom.

This book is important for others to read because within this book are life lessons to be learned. This book is not just for Understanding Islam, Essay, reading, but to learn lessons for the future and to inspire others. If I were to be in the main characters shoes, I would not act the same way because I would not have that drive to fight like Katniss did. I do not have someone that important in my life like her. Some other conclusions that the madonna arts, author could have ended with is Islam, and Hinduism, same ending but Katniss ends up with Gale. Another would be for the metaphor, Katniss to become the leader of Understanding Islam, and Hinduism Panem instead of madonna arts just settling down and having kids. Islam, And Hinduism. I would have wanted to either become the leader of Panem or her dying so the rebels could succeed in taking over Panem.

Author, Context and Māori Essay Trivia: Suzanne Collins is most known for Understanding Islam, and Hinduism Essay, writing her Hunger Games trilogy, which included Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and dix civil Mockingjay. Another series she is well known for is the Underland Chronicles Series and then the book When Charlie McButton Lost Power. Collins has also worked on Nickelodeon TV shows and other children books. This book does not remind me of any other books I have read. The only book I could compare Mockingjay with is its sister book The Hunger Games. I do not read much, and books I have read have had the same aspects of action and suspense, since I need that to keep me interested. The books I have read never had the same theme of rising up against a country or rebellion. I do not plan to read any more books from this author since she isnt an author that focuses on action and suspense.

I do plan on Judaism, Islam, Essay reading types of life of a slave books like this though, since I love books with suspense and action.

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Nov 21, 2017 Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Essay, order essay services & assignment papers online -
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Global Warming's Terrifying New Math. Three simple numbers that add up to global catastrophe - and that make clear who the real enemy is. If the pictures of Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism Essay, those towering wildfires in Colorado haven't convinced you, or the size of your AC bill this summer, here are some hard numbers about climate change: June broke or tied 3,215 high-temperature records across the dorothea dix civil war United States. That followed the warmest May on record for the Northern Hemisphere #x2013; the Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism 327th consecutive month in which the temperature of the entire globe exceeded the Kaupapa Māori Theory 20th-century average, the odds of which occurring by simple chance were 3.7 x 10-99, a number considerably larger than the number of stars in the universe. Meteorologists reported that this spring was the warmest ever recorded for our nation #x2013; in fact, it crushed the old record by so much that it represented the Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Essay largest temperature departure from Kaupapa Theory and Critical Theory Essay average of and Hinduism Essay, any season on record. Dix Civil? The same week, Saudi authorities reported that it had rained in Mecca despite a temperature of 109 degrees, the Judaism, and Hinduism hottest downpour in the planet's history. Not that our leaders seemed to notice. Last month the madonna arts world's nations, meeting in Rio for Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Essay, the 20th-anniversary reprise of a massive 1992 environmental summit, accomplished nothing. Unlike George H.W. Bush, who flew in for the first conclave, Barack Obama didn't even attend.

It was a ghost of the glad, confident meeting 20 years ago, the the metaphor British journalist George Monbiot wrote; no one paid it much attention, footsteps echoing through the halls once thronged by multitudes. Since I wrote one of the first books for a general audience about global warming way back in 1989, and since I've spent the Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism intervening decades working ineffectively to slow that warming, I can say with some confidence that we're losing the fight, badly and quickly #x2013; losing it because, most of all, we remain in war denial about the peril that human civilization is in. When we think about global warming at all, the arguments tend to be ideological, theological and economic. Islam, And Hinduism Essay? But to grasp the seriousness of our predicament, you just need to analysis, do a little math. For the past year, an easy and powerful bit of arithmetical analysis first published by financial analysts in the U.K. has been making the Understanding and Hinduism Essay rounds of environmental conferences and journals, but it hasn't yet broken through to the larger public. This analysis upends most of the conventional political thinking about climate change. And it allows us to understand our precarious #x2013; our almost-but-not-quite-finally hopeless #x2013; position with three simple numbers. I f the life of a slave movie had ended in Hollywood fashion, the Copenhagen climate conference in 2009 would have marked the culmination of the global fight to Essay, slow a changing climate. The world's nations had gathered in the December gloom of the Danish capital for proposes to elizabeth, what a leading climate economist, Sir Nicholas Stern of Understanding, Britain, called the most important gathering since the Second World War, given what is at stake.

As Danish energy minister Connie Hedegaard, who presided over the conference, declared at dorothea dix civil war, the time: This is our chance. If we miss it, it could take years before we get a new and Understanding Judaism, better one. If ever. In the dasein heidegger event, of course, we missed it. Copenhagen failed spectacularly. Neither China nor the United States, which between them are responsible for 40 percent of global carbon emissions, was prepared to offer dramatic concessions, and Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism so the conference drifted aimlessly for two weeks until world leaders jetted in for life of a slave, the final day. Understanding And Hinduism? Amid considerable chaos, President Obama took the lead in drafting a face-saving Copenhagen Accord that fooled very few. Its purely voluntary agreements committed no one to dorothea dix civil, anything, and even if countries signaled their intentions to cut carbon emissions, there was no enforcement mechanism. Copenhagen is a crime scene tonight, an angry Greenpeace official declared, with the Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism Essay guilty men and women fleeing to to elizabeth, the airport. Headline writers were equally brutal: COPENHAGEN: THE MUNICH OF OUR TIMES? asked one.

The accord did contain one important number, however. In Paragraph 1, it formally recognized the scientific view that the increase in global temperature should be below two degrees Celsius. And in the very next paragraph, it declared that we agree that deep cuts in global emissions are required. so as to hold the increase in Judaism, and Hinduism Essay global temperature below two degrees Celsius. By insisting on two degrees #x2013; about 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit #x2013; the accord ratified positions taken earlier in 2009 by the G8, and to elizabeth analysis the so-called Major Economies Forum. And Hinduism Essay? It was as conventional as conventional wisdom gets. Kaupapa And Critical Theory Essay? The number first gained prominence, in fact, at a 1995 climate conference chaired by Angela Merkel, then the German minister of the environment and now the center-right chancellor of the nation. Some context: So far, we've raised the average temperature of the planet just under 0.8 degrees Celsius, and that has caused far more damage than most scientists expected. (A third of summer sea ice in the Arctic is gone, the oceans are 30 percent more acidic, and Judaism, Essay since warm air holds more water vapor than cold, the atmosphere over the oceans is a shocking five percent wetter, loading the darcy dice for Islam, and Hinduism Essay, devastating floods.) Given those impacts, in fact, many scientists have come to think that two degrees is far too lenient a target.

Any number much above one degree involves a gamble, writes Kerry Emanuel of MIT, a leading authority on hurricanes, and darcy proposes the odds become less and less favorable as the temperature goes up. Thomas Lovejoy, once the World Bank's chief biodiversity adviser, puts it like this: If we're seeing what we're seeing today at 0.8 degrees Celsius, two degrees is simply too much. Understanding Islam, And Hinduism Essay? NASA scientist James Hansen, the planet's most prominent climatologist, is even blunter: The target that has been talked about in international negotiations for two degrees of proposes to elizabeth analysis, warming is actually a prescription for Understanding Islam, and Hinduism Essay, long-term disaster. At the Copenhagen summit, a spokesman for small island nations warned that many would not survive a two-degree rise: Some countries will flat-out disappear. When delegates from developing nations were warned that two degrees would represent a suicide pact for drought-stricken Africa, many of them started chanting, One degree, one Africa. Despite such well-founded misgivings, political realism bested scientific data, and the world settled on the two-degree target #x2013; indeed, it's fair to say that it's the only thing about climate change the world has settled on. All told, 167 countries responsible for more than 87 percent of the dasein heidegger world's carbon emissions have signed on to the Copenhagen Accord, endorsing the two-degree target. Only a few dozen countries have rejected it, including Kuwait, Nicaragua and Venezuela. Even the United Arab Emirates, which makes most of Judaism, and Hinduism, its money exporting oil and gas, signed on.

The official position of planet Earth at the moment is proposes to elizabeth that we can't raise the temperature more than two degrees Celsius #x2013; it's become the bottomest of bottom lines. Two degrees. The Second Number: 565 Gigatons. S cientists estimate that humans can pour roughly 565 more gigatons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by midcentury and still have some reasonable hope of staying below two degrees. Judaism, Islam, And Hinduism Essay? (Reasonable, in this case, means four chances in five, or somewhat worse odds than playing Russian roulette with a six-shooter.) This idea of a global carbon budget emerged about proposes analysis a decade ago, as scientists began to calculate how much oil, coal and gas could still safely be burned. Since we've increased the Earth's temperature by 0.8 degrees so far, we're currently less than halfway to the target. But, in Islam, fact, computer models calculate that even if we stopped increasing CO 2 now, the temperature would likely still rise another 0.8 degrees, as previously released carbon continues to overheat the atmosphere. That means we're already three-quarters of the way to madonna arts, the two-degree target. How good are these numbers? No one is insisting that they're exact, but few dispute that they're generally right.

The 565-gigaton figure was derived from Understanding Islam, one of the most sophisticated computer-simulation models that have been built by climate scientists around the world over the past few decades. War? And the Understanding and Hinduism Essay number is the metaphor being further confirmed by the latest climate-simulation models currently being finalized in advance of the Understanding Judaism, Essay next report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Looking at Theory and Critical, them as they come in, they hardly differ at all, says Tom Wigley, an Australian climatologist at the National Center for Judaism, Essay, Atmospheric Research. There's maybe 40 models in the data set now, compared with 20 before. Proposes Analysis? But so far the numbers are pretty much the same. We're just fine-tuning things. I don't think much has changed over the last decade. William Collins, a senior climate scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, agrees.

I think the Judaism, results of dasein, this round of simulations will be quite similar, he says. Judaism, Islam, And Hinduism? We're not getting any free lunch from heidegger additional understanding of the climate system. We're not getting any free lunch from the world's economies, either. Understanding Islam,? With only a single year's lull in 2009 at the height of the financial crisis, we've continued to madonna arts, pour record amounts of carbon into Islam, and Hinduism the atmosphere, year after year. In late May, the International Energy Agency published its latest figures #x2013; CO 2 emissions last year rose to 31.6 gigatons, up 3.2 percent from the year before. America had a warm winter and converted more coal-fired power plants to natural gas, so its emissions fell slightly; China kept booming, so its carbon output (which recently surpassed the U.S.) rose 9.3 percent; the Japanese shut down their fleet of nukes post-Fukushima, so their emissions edged up 2.4 percent. Proposes? There have been efforts to Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism, use more renewable energy and dasein heidegger improve energy efficiency, said Corinne Le Qu#xE9;r#xE9;, who runs England's Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.

But what this shows is that so far the effects have been marginal. In fact, study after study predicts that carbon emissions will keep growing by roughly three percent a year #x2013; and at Understanding and Hinduism Essay, that rate, we'll blow through our 565-gigaton allowance in 16 years, around the time today's preschoolers will be graduating from high school. Madonna Arts? The new data provide further evidence that the door to a two-degree trajectory is about to close, said Fatih Birol, the IEA's chief economist. In fact, he continued, When I look at Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism, this data, the trend is perfectly in line with a temperature increase of about six degrees. That's almost 11 degrees Fahrenheit, which would create a planet straight out of war, science fiction. So, new data in hand, everyone at the Rio conference renewed their ritual calls for serious international action to move us back to a two-degree trajectory. The charade will continue in November, when the Judaism, and Hinduism Essay next Conference of the Parties (COP) of the dasein U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change convenes in Qatar. This will be COP 18 #x2013; COP 1 was held in Berlin in 1995, and since then the process has accomplished essentially nothing.

Even scientists, who are notoriously reluctant to speak out, are slowly overcoming their natural preference to simply provide data. The message has been consistent for Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism, close to 30 years now, Collins says with a wry laugh, and we have the instrumentation and the computer power required to present the evidence in detail. If we choose to continue on our present course of action, it should be done with a full evaluation of the evidence the scientific community has presented. He pauses, suddenly conscious of being on the record. I should say, a fuller evaluation of the evidence. So far, though, such calls have had little effect. We're in the same position we've been in for a quarter-century: scientific warning followed by political inaction. Dix Civil War? Among scientists speaking off the record, disgusted candor is the rule. One senior scientist told me, You know those new cigarette packs, where governments make them put a picture of someone with a hole in their throats?

Gas pumps should have something like that. The Third Number: 2,795 Gigatons. T his number is the Understanding Judaism, scariest of madonna arts, all #x2013; one that, for the first time, meshes the political and scientific dimensions of Islam, and Hinduism Essay, our dilemma. Madonna Arts? It was highlighted last summer by the Carbon Tracker Initiative, a team of London financial analysts and environmentalists who published a report in Understanding Essay an effort to educate investors about the possible risks that climate change poses to their stock portfolios. The number describes the amount of carbon already contained in the proven coal and Theory and Critical oil and gas reserves of the fossil-fuel companies, and the countries (think Venezuela or Kuwait) that act like fossil-fuel companies. In short, it's the Understanding Islam, and Hinduism fossil fuel we're currently planning to burn. Māori Theory Theory Essay? And the key point is that this new number #x2013; 2,795 #x2013; is higher than 565.

Five times higher. The Carbon Tracker Initiative #x2013; led by Understanding and Hinduism, James Leaton, an environmentalist who served as an adviser at the accounting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers #x2013; combed through proprietary databases to figure out how much oil, gas and coal the world's major energy companies hold in reserve. The numbers aren't perfect #x2013; they don't fully reflect the recent surge in the metaphor unconventional energy sources like shale gas, and they don't accurately reflect coal reserves, which are subject to Understanding and Hinduism Essay, less stringent reporting requirements than oil and gas. Darcy Analysis? But for the biggest companies, the figures are quite exact: If you burned everything in the inventories of Russia's Lukoil and America's ExxonMobil, for instance, which lead the list of oil and gas companies, each would release more than 40 gigatons of Understanding Islam, and Hinduism Essay, carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Which is exactly why this new number, 2,795 gigatons, is such a big deal. Think of two degrees Celsius as the legal drinking limit #x2013; equivalent to the 0.08 blood-alcohol level below which you might get away with driving home.

The 565 gigatons is how many drinks you could have and still stay below that limit #x2013; the six beers, say, you might consume in an evening. And the 2,795 gigatons? That's the three 12-packs the fossil-fuel industry has on the table, already opened and ready to pour. We have five times as much oil and coal and gas on the books as climate scientists think is safe to burn. We'd have to keep 80 percent of those reserves locked away underground to the metaphor, avoid that fate. Before we knew those numbers, our fate had been likely. Now, barring some massive intervention, it seems certain.

Yes, this coal and gas and oil is still technically in the soil. But it's already economically aboveground #x2013; it's figured into share prices, companies are borrowing money against it, nations are basing their budgets on Understanding Judaism, Essay the presumed returns from their patrimony. Māori And Critical? It explains why the big fossil-fuel companies have fought so hard to prevent the regulation of carbon dioxide #x2013; those reserves are their primary asset, the holding that gives their companies their value. It's why they've worked so hard these past years to figure out how to unlock the oil in Islam, Canada's tar sands, or how to drill miles beneath the sea, or how to life of a slave, frack the Appalachians. If you told Exxon or Lukoil that, in order to avoid wrecking the climate, they couldn't pump out their reserves, the value of their companies would plummet. John Fullerton, a former managing director at JP Morgan who now runs the Understanding Essay Capital Institute, calculates that at today's market value, those 2,795 gigatons of dorothea, carbon emissions are worth about $27 trillion.

Which is to say, if you paid attention to the scientists and kept 80 percent of it underground, you'd be writing off $20 trillion in assets. The numbers aren't exact, of course, but that carbon bubble makes the housing bubble look small by comparison. It won't necessarily burst #x2013; we might well burn all that carbon, in which case investors will do fine. Judaism, And Hinduism Essay? But if we do, the planet will crater. You can have a healthy fossil-fuel balance sheet, or a relatively healthy planet #x2013; but now that we know the numbers, it looks like you can't have both. Do the math: 2,795 is five times 565. That's how the story ends. S o far, as I said at the start, environmental efforts to tackle global warming have failed.

The planet's emissions of carbon dioxide continue to soar, especially as developing countries emulate (and supplant) the industries of the West. Even in rich countries, small reductions in emissions offer no sign of the real break with the status quo we'd need to madonna arts, upend the iron logic of these three numbers. Germany is one of the only big countries that has actually tried hard to change its energy mix; on one sunny Saturday in late May, that northern-latitude nation generated nearly half its power from solar panels within its borders. That's a small miracle #x2013; and it demonstrates that we have the technology to Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism, solve our problems. Dorothea Dix Civil War? But we lack the will. So far, Germany's the Understanding Islam, exception; the rule is ever more carbon. This record of failure means we know a lot about madonna arts what strategies don't work. Understanding Islam, Essay? Green groups, for instance, have spent a lot of time trying to war, change individual lifestyles: the Understanding Islam, iconic twisty light bulb has been installed by the millions, but so have a new generation of energy-sucking flatscreen TVs. Most of us are fundamentally ambivalent about life of a slave going green: We like cheap flights to Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism, warm places, and we're certainly not going to give them up if everyone else is still taking them. Dix Civil War? Since all of us are in some way the beneficiaries of cheap fossil fuel, tackling climate change has been like trying to build a movement against yourself #x2013; it's as if the gay-rights movement had to be constructed entirely from Islam, and Hinduism Essay evangelical preachers, or the abolition movement from slaveholders. People perceive #x2013; correctly #x2013; that their individual actions will not make a decisive difference in the atmospheric concentration of CO2; by 2010, a poll found that while recycling is widespread in America and 73 percent of those polled are paying bills online in order to save paper, only four percent had reduced their utility use and only three percent had purchased hybrid cars.

Given a hundred years, you could conceivably change lifestyles enough to matter #x2013; but time is precisely what we lack. A more efficient method, of course, would be to work through the political system, and environmentalists have tried that, too, with the same limited success. They've patiently lobbied leaders, trying to convince them of our peril and assuming that politicians would heed the warnings. Sometimes it has seemed to madonna arts, work. Barack Obama, for instance, campaigned more aggressively about climate change than any president before him #x2013; the Understanding Islam, and Hinduism Essay night he won the nomination, he told supporters that his election would mark the moment the rise of the oceans began to slow and life of a slave the planet began to heal. And he has achieved one significant change: a steady increase in the fuel efficiency mandated for automobiles. It's the kind of Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism, measure, adopted a quarter-century ago, that would have helped enormously. Dasein Heidegger? But in light of the numbers I've just described, it's obviously a very small start indeed.

At this point, effective action would require actually keeping most of the carbon the fossil-fuel industry wants to burn safely in the soil, not just changing slightly the speed at which it's burned. Understanding And Hinduism? And there the president, apparently haunted by the still-echoing cry of Drill, baby, drill, has gone out of dasein, his way to frack and mine. His secretary of interior, for Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism, instance, opened up a huge swath of the Powder River Basin in Wyoming for coal extraction: The total basin contains some 67.5 gigatons worth of carbon (or more than 10 percent of the available atmospheric space). He's doing the same thing with Arctic and offshore drilling; in fact, as he explained on the stump in proposes to elizabeth March, You have my word that we will keep drilling everywhere we can. That's a commitment that I make. The next day, in Judaism, Islam, a yard full of oil pipe in Cushing, Oklahoma, the president promised to work on wind and solar energy but, at the same time, to speed up fossil-fuel development: Producing more oil and gas here at home has been, and will continue to madonna arts, be, a critical part of an all-of-the-above energy strategy. Understanding Islam, Essay? That is, he's committed to finding even more stock to life of a slave, add to the 2,795-gigaton inventory of unburned carbon. Sometimes the irony is almost Borat-scale obvious: In early June, Secretary of Judaism, and Hinduism, State Hillary Clinton traveled on a Norwegian research trawler to see firsthand the growing damage from climate change. Many of the dorothea dix civil war predictions about warming in Understanding Essay the Arctic are being surpassed by the actual data, she said, describing the sight as sobering. But the discussions she traveled to Scandinavia to have with other foreign ministers were mostly about how to make sure Western nations get their share of the estimated $9 trillion in oil (that's more than 90 billion barrels, or 37 gigatons of carbon) that will become accessible as the Arctic ice melts. Last month, the Obama administration indicated that it would give Shell permission to start drilling in sections of the Arctic.

Almost every government with deposits of dorothea, hydrocarbons straddles the same divide. Canada, for instance, is a liberal democracy renowned for its internationalism #x2013; no wonder, then, that it signed on Understanding Judaism, to the Kyoto treaty, promising to cut its carbon emissions substantially by 2012. The Metaphor? But the Understanding Essay rising price of oil suddenly made the tar sands of dorothea dix civil, Alberta economically attractive #x2013; and since, as NASA climatologist James Hansen pointed out in May, they contain as much as 240 gigatons of carbon (or almost half of the available space if we take the 565 limit seriously), that meant Canada's commitment to Understanding Islam, and Hinduism, Kyoto was nonsense. In December, the Canadian government withdrew from the treaty before it faced fines for darcy proposes analysis, failing to meet its commitments. The same kind of hypocrisy applies across the Understanding Judaism, Essay ideological board: In his speech to the Copenhagen conference, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez quoted Rosa Luxemburg, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Christ the Redeemer, insisting that climate change is undoubtedly the most devastating environmental problem of life of a slave, this century. Understanding Judaism, Islam,? But the next spring, in the Simon Bolivar Hall of the Kaupapa Māori and Critical state-run oil company, he signed an agreement with a consortium of international players to develop the vast Orinoco tar sands as the most significant engine for a comprehensive development of the entire territory and Judaism, Essay Venezuelan population. The Orinoco deposits are larger than Alberta's #x2013; taken together, they'd fill up the dasein whole available atmospheric space. S o: the Understanding Judaism, Essay paths we have tried to tackle global warming have so far produced only gradual, halting shifts.

A rapid, transformative change would require building a movement, and movements require enemies. The Metaphor? As John F. Kennedy put it, The civil rights movement should thank God for Bull Connor. He's helped it as much as Abraham Lincoln. And enemies are what climate change has lacked. But what all these climate numbers make painfully, usefully clear is that the planet does indeed have an enemy #x2013; one far more committed to action than governments or individuals. Given this hard math, we need to view the fossil-fuel industry in a new light.

It has become a rogue industry, reckless like no other force on Understanding Islam, and Hinduism Essay Earth. It is Public Enemy Number One to to elizabeth analysis, the survival of our planetary civilization. Judaism, And Hinduism? Lots of companies do rotten things in the course of their business #x2013; pay terrible wages, make people work in dorothea sweatshops #x2013; and we pressure them to change those practices, says veteran anti-corporate leader Naomi Klein, who is at Judaism, and Hinduism Essay, work on a book about the climate crisis. But these numbers make clear that with the the metaphor fossil-fuel industry, wrecking the planet is their business model. It's what they do. According to the Carbon Tracker report, if Exxon burns its current reserves, it would use up more than seven percent of the available atmospheric space between us and the risk of two degrees.

BP is just behind, followed by the Russian firm Gazprom, then Chevron, ConocoPhillips and Shell, each of which would fill between three and four percent. Taken together, just these six firms, of the 200 listed in the Carbon Tracker report, would use up more than a quarter of the remaining two-degree budget. Understanding And Hinduism? Severstal, the Russian mining giant, leads the list of coal companies, followed by life of a slave, firms like BHP Billiton and Peabody. The numbers are simply staggering #x2013; this industry, and Judaism, Islam, this industry alone, holds the life of a slave power to change the physics and chemistry of our planet, and they're planning to use it. They're clearly cognizant of global warming #x2013; they employ some of the world's best scientists, after all, and Understanding they're bidding on all those oil leases made possible by the staggering melt of Arctic ice. And yet they relentlessly search for more hydrocarbons #x2013; in early March, Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson told Wall Street analysts that the dasein company plans to spend $37 billion a year through 2016 (about $100 million a day) searching for Islam, and Hinduism Essay, yet more oil and gas. There's not a more reckless man on the planet than Tillerson. Late last month, on the same day the Colorado fires reached their height, he told a New York audience that global warming is real, but dismissed it as an engineering problem that has engineering solutions. Such as? Changes to life of a slave, weather patterns that move crop-production areas around #x2013; we'll adapt to that.

This in a week when Kentucky farmers were reporting that corn kernels were aborting in record heat, threatening a spike in global food prices. The fear factor that people want to throw out there to Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Essay, say, 'We just have to the metaphor, stop this,' I do not accept, Tillerson said. Islam, Essay? Of course not #x2013; if he did accept it, he'd have to keep his reserves in the ground. Which would cost him money. It's not an life of a slave engineering problem, in Islam, Essay other words #x2013; it's a greed problem. You could argue that this is simply in the nature of these companies #x2013; that having found a profitable vein, they're compelled to dasein, keep mining it, more like efficient automatons than people with free will. But as the Supreme Court has made clear, they are people of Judaism, and Hinduism Essay, a sort. Madonna Arts? In fact, thanks to Understanding Judaism, Islam, Essay, the size of its bankroll, the fossil-fuel industry has far more free will than the rest of us. These companies don't simply exist in a world whose hungers they fulfill #x2013; they help create the boundaries of that world. Left to our own devices, citizens might decide to regulate carbon and heidegger stop short of the brink; according to a recent poll, nearly two-thirds of Americans would back an Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism Essay international agreement that cut carbon emissions 90 percent by madonna arts, 2050. Understanding Judaism, Islam, And Hinduism Essay? But we aren't left to our own devices.

The Koch brothers, for instance, have a combined wealth of $50 billion, meaning they trail only Bill Gates on the list of richest Americans. They've made most of their money in dasein heidegger hydrocarbons, they know any system to regulate carbon would cut those profits, and they reportedly plan to lavish as much as $200 million on this year's elections. In 2009, for the first time, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce surpassed both the Republican and Democratic National Committees on political spending; the following year, more than 90 percent of the Chamber's cash went to GOP candidates, many of whom deny the existence of global warming. Not long ago, the Chamber even filed a brief with the EPA urging the agency not to regulate carbon #x2013; should the world's scientists turn out to Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism Essay, be right and the planet heats up, the Chamber advised, populations can acclimatize to warmer climates via a range of behavioral, physiological and technological adaptations. As radical goes, demanding that we change our physiology seems right up there. Environmentalists, understandably, have been loath to make the fossil-fuel industry their enemy, respecting its political power and hoping instead to convince these giants that they should turn away from coal, oil and gas and transform themselves more broadly into energy companies. Sometimes that strategy appeared to be working #x2013; emphasis on appeared. Kaupapa Māori Essay? Around the Understanding Judaism, Essay turn of the century, for instance, BP made a brief attempt to restyle itself as Beyond Petroleum, adapting a logo that looked like the sun and sticking solar panels on war some of its gas stations.

But its investments in alternative energy were never more than a tiny fraction of its budget for hydrocarbon exploration, and after a few years, many of those were wound down as new CEOs insisted on returning to the company's core business. Understanding Judaism, And Hinduism Essay? In December, BP finally closed its solar division. Shell shut down its solar and wind efforts in 2009. The five biggest oil companies have made more than $1 trillion in profits since the millennium #x2013; there's simply too much money to be made on oil and gas and dorothea dix civil war coal to go chasing after zephyrs and sunbeams. Much of and Hinduism Essay, that profit stems from a single historical accident: Alone among businesses, the fossil-fuel industry is allowed to dump its main waste, carbon dioxide, for free. Nobody else gets that break #x2013; if you own a restaurant, you have to pay someone to cart away your trash, since piling it in the street would breed rats. Life Of A Slave? But the fossil-fuel industry is different, and for sound historical reasons: Until a quarter-century ago, almost no one knew that CO2 was dangerous. But now that we understand that carbon is heating the Understanding Judaism, Essay planet and acidifying the oceans, its price becomes the Kaupapa Māori Theory Theory Essay central issue. If you put a price on Understanding Islam, carbon, through a direct tax or other methods, it would enlist markets in the fight against global warming. Once Exxon has to pay for the damage its carbon is doing to the atmosphere, the price of its products would rise.

Consumers would get a strong signal to use less fossil fuel #x2013; every time they stopped at the pump, they'd be reminded that you don't need a semimilitary vehicle to go to the grocery store. The economic playing field would now be a level one for madonna arts, nonpolluting energy sources. And you could do it all without bankrupting citizens #x2013; a so-called fee-and-dividend scheme would put a hefty tax on coal and gas and oil, then simply divide up the proceeds, sending everyone in the country a check each month for their share of the added costs of carbon. Judaism, And Hinduism? By switching to cleaner energy sources, most people would actually come out proposes analysis ahead. There's only one problem: Putting a price on carbon would reduce the profitability of the fossil-fuel industry. After all, the answer to the question How high should the price of Judaism, Islam,, carbon be? is High enough to keep those carbon reserves that would take us past two degrees safely in the ground.

The higher the price on carbon, the more of those reserves would be worthless. The fight, in the end, is about whether the industry will succeed in its fight to to elizabeth, keep its special pollution break alive past the point of climate catastrophe, or whether, in the economists' parlance, we'll make them internalize those externalities. I t's not clear, of course, that the Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism power of the fossil-fuel industry can be broken. The U.K. analysts who wrote the Carbon Tracker report and drew attention to the metaphor, these numbers had a relatively modest goal #x2013; they simply wanted to Understanding Judaism,, remind investors that climate change poses a very real risk to the stock prices of energy companies. Say something so big finally happens (a giant hurricane swamps Manhattan, a megadrought wipes out Kaupapa Māori Theory and Critical Midwest agriculture) that even the political power of the industry is inadequate to restrain legislators, who manage to regulate carbon. Suddenly those Chevron reserves would be a lot less valuable, and the stock would tank. Given that risk, the Carbon Tracker report warned investors to Judaism, and Hinduism, lessen their exposure, hedge it with some big plays in alternative energy. The regular process of economic evolution is that businesses are left with stranded assets all the time, says Nick Robins, who runs HSBC's Climate Change Centre. Think of film cameras, or typewriters. The question is not whether this will happen.

It will. Pension systems have been hit by the metaphor, the dot-com and credit crunch. They'll be hit by this. Still, it hasn't been easy to convince investors, who have shared in the oil industry's record profits. And Hinduism Essay? The reason you get bubbles, sighs Leaton, is that everyone thinks they're the madonna arts best analyst #x2013; that they'll go to Understanding Essay, the edge of the cliff and then jump back when everyone else goes over. So pure self-interest probably won't spark a transformative challenge to fossil fuel. But moral outrage just might #x2013; and that's the proposes analysis real meaning of this new math. It could, plausibly, give rise to a real movement.

Once, in recent corporate history, anger forced an industry to make basic changes. That was the campaign in Understanding and Hinduism Essay the 1980s demanding divestment from companies doing business in South Africa. It rose first on college campuses and then spread to municipal and state governments; 155 campuses eventually divested, and by the end of the madonna arts decade, more than 80 cities, 25 states and 19 counties had taken some form of binding economic action against companies connected to Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism, the apartheid regime. The end of apartheid stands as one of the crowning accomplishments of the past century, as Archbishop Desmond Tutu put it, but we would not have succeeded without the help of international pressure, especially from the divestment movement of the 1980s. The fossil-fuel industry is obviously a tougher opponent, and even if you could force the hand of the metaphor, particular companies, you'd still have to figure out a strategy for Judaism, Islam,, dealing with all the sovereign nations that, in effect, act as fossil-fuel companies. But the the metaphor link for college students is even more obvious in this case. Islam, And Hinduism Essay? If their college's endowment portfolio has fossil-fuel stock, then their educations are being subsidized by proposes analysis, investments that guarantee they won't have much of a planet on and Hinduism Essay which to make use of Māori, their degree. (The same logic applies to Understanding and Hinduism Essay, the world's largest investors, pension funds, which are also theoretically interested in the future #x2013; that's when their members will enjoy their retirement.) Given the severity of the dix civil war climate crisis, a comparable demand that our institutions dump stock from companies that are destroying the and Hinduism planet would not only be appropriate but effective, says Bob Massie, a former anti-apartheid activist who helped found the Investor Network on madonna arts Climate Risk. Judaism,? The message is simple: We have had enough. We must sever the life of a slave ties with those who profit from climate change #x2013; now. Movements rarely have predictable outcomes.

But any campaign that weakens the fossil-fuel industry's political standing clearly increases the chances of retiring its special breaks. Consider President Obama's signal achievement in Understanding Islam, and Hinduism Essay the climate fight, the the metaphor large increase he won in mileage requirements for cars. Judaism, Islam, Essay? Scientists, environmentalists and engineers had advocated such policies for decades, but until Detroit came under severe financial pressure, it was politically powerful enough to dorothea dix civil war, fend them off. If people come to Judaism, and Hinduism, understand the cold, mathematical truth #x2013; that the fossil-fuel industry is the metaphor systematically undermining the planet's physical systems #x2013; it might weaken it enough to matter politically. Understanding Islam,? Exxon and their ilk might drop their opposition to a fee-and-dividend solution; they might even decide to become true energy companies, this time for madonna arts, real. Even if such a campaign is Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Essay possible, however, we may have waited too long to darcy analysis, start it.

To make a real difference #x2013; to keep us under a temperature increase of Understanding, two degrees #x2013; you'd need to change carbon pricing in Washington, and then use that victory to leverage similar shifts around the the metaphor world. Understanding Islam, And Hinduism Essay? At this point, what happens in the U.S. is life of a slave most important for how it will influence China and India, where emissions are growing fastest. (In early June, researchers concluded that China has probably under-reported its emissions by up to 20 percent.) The three numbers I've described are daunting #x2013; they may define an essentially impossible future. But at least they provide intellectual clarity about the greatest challenge humans have ever faced. We know how much we can burn, and we know who's planning to burn more. Climate change operates on a geological scale and time frame, but it's not an Understanding Islam, Essay impersonal force of life of a slave, nature; the more carefully you do the Understanding Islam, and Hinduism math, the more thoroughly you realize that this is, at dasein heidegger, bottom, a moral issue; we have met the enemy and they is Shell. Meanwhile the tide of Understanding Islam,, numbers continues. The week after the Rio conference limped to its conclusion, Arctic sea ice hit the lowest level ever recorded for that date. Last month, on a single weekend, Tropical Storm Debby dumped more than 20 inches of and Critical Theory, rain on Florida #x2013; the earliest the Judaism, Essay season's fourth-named cyclone has ever arrived. At the same time, the largest fire in New Mexico history burned on, and the most destructive fire in Colorado's annals claimed 346 homes in Colorado Springs #x2013; breaking a record set the week before in Fort Collins. This month, scientists issued a new study concluding that global warming has dramatically increased the likelihood of severe heat and drought #x2013; days after a heat wave across the madonna arts Plains and Midwest broke records that had stood since the Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Essay Dust Bowl, threatening this year's harvest. You want a big number?

In the course of this month, a quadrillion kernels of corn need to pollinate across the grain belt, something they can't do if temperatures remain off the charts. Just like us, our crops are adapted to the Holocene, the 11,000-year period of climatic stability we're now leaving. in the dust. This story is life of a slave from the August 2nd, 2012 issue of Rolling Stone. Sign up for our newsletter to receive breaking news directly in your inbox.

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10 Tips for Writing the College Application Essay. No subject is more fraught with anxiety for the high school senior than the essay on the college application. Whether it is and Hinduism Essay as bizarre as the University of Chicago's How do you feel about Wednesday?; University of Pennsylvania's You have just completed your 300-page autobiography. Please submit page 217.; or Tufts University's Are We Alone?or whether it is a more mundane question about a formative experience you've had in your life, or about some controversial social or political issue, students tremble at the very thought of writing the madonna arts, essay and Islam, being judged on it. Get updates from Kaupapa Theory, U.S. Understanding And Hinduism Essay? News, including newsletters, rankings announcements, new features and special offers. We wondered what tips could be offered to ease the pain. For advice, we turned to darcy visiting blogger Jonathan Reider, director of college counseling at San Francisco University High School, who before that was the senior associate director of admissions (and humanities instructor) at Stanford University. He should know; he's been on both sides of the high school/college door. Islam, Essay? Here are his 10 best tips.

1. Be concise. Māori Theory And Critical Essay? Even though the Common Application main essay has only a suggested minimum of 250 words, and Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism no upper limit, every admissions officer has a big stack to read every day; he or she expects to spend only a couple of minutes on the essay. If you go over 700 words, you are straining their patience, which no one should want to the metaphor do. 2. Be honest. Don't embellish your achievements, titles, and offices. It's just fine to be the copy editor of the newspaper or the treasurer of the Understanding Islam, and Hinduism Essay, Green Club, instead of the president. Madonna Arts? Not everyone has to be the Understanding Islam,, star at everything. Dasein? You will feel better if you don't strain to inflate yourself. 3. Be an individual. In writing the essay, ask yourself, How can I distinguish myself from those thousands of others applying to and Hinduism Essay College X whom I don't knowand even the ones I do know? It's not in your activities or interests.

If you're going straight from high school to college, you're just a teenager, doing teenage things. It is your mind and how it works that are distinctive. How do you think? Sure, that's hard to explain, but that's the dix civil war, key to the whole exercise. 4. Be coherent. Obviously, you don't want to babble, but I mean write about just one subject at a time. Don't try to cover everything in an essay.

Doing so can make you sound busy, but at the same time, scattered and Judaism, Islam, Essay superficial. The whole application is a series of snapshots of what you do. It is dorothea war inevitably incomplete. The colleges expect this. Go along with them. 5. Be accurate. I don't mean just use spell check (that goes without saying). Attend to the other mechanics of good writing, including conventional punctuation in the use of Understanding Islam, commas, semi-colons, etc. If you are writing about heidegger, Dickens, don't say he wrote Wuthering Heights. If you write about Nietzsche, spell his name right. 6. Be vivid.

A good essay is and Hinduism Essay often compared to a story: In many cases it's an anecdote of an important moment. Provide some details to help the reader see the setting. Use the names (or invent them) for the other people in the story, including your brother, teacher, or coach. This makes it all more human and humane. It also shows the reader that you are thinking about his or her appreciation of your writing, which is the metaphor something you'll surely want to do. 7. Be likable.

Colleges see themselves as communities, where people have to get along with others, in dorms, classes, etc. And Hinduism Essay? Are you someone they would like to have dinner with, hang out with, have in a discussion section? Think, How can I communicate this without just standing up and saying it, which is madonna arts corny. Subtlety is good. 8. Be cautious in your use of humor. Islam,? You never know how someone you don't know is going to respond to you, especially if you offer something humorous. Madonna Arts? Humor is always in the eye of the beholder. Be funny only Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Essay, if you think you have to. Then think again. 9. Be controversial (if you can).

So many kids write bland essays that don't take a stand on anything. It is fine to write about politics, religion, something serious, as long as you are balanced and thoughtful. Don't pretend you have the heidegger, final truth. And don't just get up on your soapbox and spout off on a sensitive subject; instead, give reasons and arguments for your view and consider other perspectives (if appropriate). Colleges are places for the discussion of ideas, and admissions officers look for diversity of mind. 10. Be smart. Understanding Judaism, Islam, Essay? Colleges are intellectual places, a fact they almost always keep a secret when they talk about their dorms, climbing walls, and how many sports you can play. It is dasein heidegger helpful to show your intellectual vitality. What turns your mind on?

This is not the same thing as declaring an intended major; what matters is why that subject interests you. Copyright 2010 Professors' Guide LLC. All rights reserved. Master SAT Command of Evidence Items. Students will find this question type in the reading and writing and language sections of the exam. Washington College Road Trip: University of Washington. Discover what it's like to attend this public institution in Seattle. Washington College Road Trip: Gonzaga University. Learn what it's like to attend this Spokane, Washington school. Take a College Road Trip to Washington. Judaism, Islam, And Hinduism Essay? Find out what it's like to Māori Theory and Critical Theory attend college in Understanding and Hinduism Essay, this Northwestern state. Washington College Road Trip: Whitman College.

Discover what it's like to attend this school in Walla Walla, Washington. Washington College Road Trip: University of Puget Sound. Learn what it's like to attend this Tacoma, Washington school. Pitino Is 'Coach-2' in Federal Court Documents. The Louisville head basketball coach Pitino may have helped funnel money to a top recruit in bid to secure his commitment. Different groups and organizations from tech companies to the metaphor sororities offer college aid for Understanding and Hinduism women. Māori And Critical Essay? 10 Universities With Biggest Endowments. The endowment at each of these schools exceeded $8.7 billion for the 2016 fiscal year, U.S. News data show. Understanding Judaism, Islam, And Hinduism Essay? Ideal Choices in College Admissions.

Learn how to make the best decision in common undergraduate admissions scenarios. Get updates from U.S. News, including newsletters, rankings announcements, new features and special offers. Video: Creating a College Short List. See the best National Universities, Liberal Arts Colleges and more.

Already know what you are looking for? This is proposes analysis a good place to start. Select colleges that interest you and see a side-by-side comparison.

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The Mater Private Cork is Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism as 75 bed purpose built high-spec hospital with ultra modern facilities designed to deliver bestinclass patient care. Life Of A Slave. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that safe and effective patient care continues to Judaism, Islam, Essay be at the core of everything we do at the Mater Private Cork. We aim to dasein heidegger provide access to care and services not previously available or experienced in Munster and to Judaism, Essay deliver affordable care in our state of the art facility. Our services are covered by all major Health Insurers and Theory Essay, we work hard to ensure we deliver an efficient, cost effective service whilst maintaining quality. Mater Private Hospital. 17/09/2014 - Zurich are new Juvenile Sponsors for 2014/2015.

Zurich is delighted to come on board as main sponsor for the Cork Constitution FC Juvenile teams. We’re delighted to have the Judaism, and Hinduism opportunity to partner with Cork Con and support their vibrant Juvenile section over the next three years. We wish all the Juvenile players and the very many coaches volunteers the very best for this exciting season ahead. Cork Constitution FC: On behalf of Cork Constitution FC we would like to welcome Zurich as or main sponsor for our juveniles. We look forward to partner with your company going forward. 13/09/2014 - 2014 - 2015 Season is underway. Cork Constitution will go into their opening Ulster Bank League tie on Saturday next boosted by wins in their Cork Charity Cup games over Cashel and Highfield.

Though the margins of victory were tight, the team and management will be satisfied that those games, together with the season-opener against London-Irish, has given the squad valuable match-day experience before heading for Dublin on Saturday. Old Belvedere will provide a stern test at this early stage of the team’s development. Last season this Dublin tie ended in a 3-3 draw, but Old Belvedere prevailed at Templehill in the return. Dasein Heidegger. In the Judaism, Islam, Essay end, those lost points, two instead of four in life of a slave, the drawn game, proved costly for Old Belvedere, as they finished second to Judaism, Islam, Essay Clontarf for the title, pipped by just one point - 64 to 63. The Constitution Management team comprising: Coaches Tom Tierney and David Corkery; Kenny Murphy (team manager); Ralph Keyes (selector); Ian Doyle (Kit) and Brian Fox (Physio) have had a good pre-season assimilating the personnel changes from last season. Missing from last season are: Joe McSwiney (Wpk), Willie Ryan (UK), James Rochford (SWell) and dorothea dix civil war, Yasin Browne (UL) from the forwards; Luke Duffy and and Hinduism Essay, Conor Desmond (US) from the back line. New recruits include centre Ned Hodson (UCC), flanker James Murphy (Shannon) and wing Joe Uprichard (Brisbane). And another significant signing is Darren Sweetnam (UCC), who also has a Munster contract. It is hoped that Darren, and many of last season’s successful Under 21 squad, will feature as the season progresses. A Supporter’s Coach will depart Templehill at 9.30am on Kaupapa and Critical Essay, Saturday for Old Belvedere.

Contact Fiona at Club Office for seat reservation. The Junior 2 XV will hopefully have their first game on Sunday when they travel to Mitchelstown to take on Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism, the local side in the Dennehy Cup. Last Sunday they received a walk-over from Cork Transport. The game is fixed for dorothea war, Mitchelstown at Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism, 12 noon on life of a slave, Sunday. 28/05/2014 - Annual General Meeting: 2013- 2014. President Ian O’Leary reported on a satisfactory year at and Hinduism, the Club AGM in Kaupapa Māori Theory and Critical Theory Essay, the Clubhouse on Wednesday evening. He thanked his fellow officers, and the members, for affording him their support in a most enjoyable year. On the playing side, retaining the Munster Senior Cup and Bateman Cup was the highlight, and the management and Understanding Islam, Essay, players were congratulated for their great achievement. The winning of the Kaupapa Māori Theory Essay Fraser McMullen Cup by the U20 squad for the first time was a real bonus. The four members of the team who are in New Zealand with Ireland for the FIRA World Cup tournament, namely Rory Burke, Max Abbott, Ryan Foley and Darragh Moloney, were congratulated. They had been sent off with best wishes at a previous function before they departed.

And Tomas Quinlan, also a member of the U20 winning team, was congratulated for Judaism,, his selection for the Ireland U19 XV. The J2 XV players and management were congratulated on winning the Dennehy Cup. Jim Murphy, Hon.Treasurer, reported on to elizabeth, a difficult year financially, that ended with a small deficit. Sponsorship income streams were down due to the difficult economic climate, but spend was controlled to Understanding Judaism, Islam, Essay budget and overall the financial results were very satisfactory, with membership, bar and Kaupapa Māori Theory Essay, fund raising holding up well. And Hinduism Essay. Looking forward, the club is well positioned, the new clubhouse facility has performed very well, and we can be confident of the future. The incoming President, Peter O’Leary, thanked his brother for the unique honour of keeping it in the family, and looked forward to madonna arts the challenge of the new season. The Officers for season 2014-15 were elected as follows: President: Peter O’Leary. Senior Deputy President: Peter Good. Junior Deputy President: Jerry Holland.

Hon Treasurer: Jim Murphy. Hon Secretary John O’Mahony. Director of Rugby: Jerry Holland. Kevin Fielding, Hugh Foley, Rea Kennedy and Ken Fitzgerald were elected as Vice-Presidents. 1st XV Management: Kenny Murphy, Team Manager; Tom Tierney David Corkery, Coaches; Ralph Keyes, Selector. U20 XV Management: Don Mullins, Manager; Tom Mulcahy Paul McCarthy, Coaches. 28/05/2014 - Annual General Meeting: Wednesday 28th May @ 8.00pm. The Cork Constitution FC Annual General Meeting will be held in the Club’s Pavilion on Wednesday 28th May, @ 8.00pm. Apologies Remembering deceased members Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on 13th June 2013 Honorary Secretary’s Report Club Captain’s Report Director of Rugby’s Report Statement of Accounts and Islam,, Honorary Treasurer’s Report for the metaphor, financial year to 30th April 2014. President’s Address Election of Officers for Season 2014/2015 President Senior Deputy President Junior Deputy President Captain of the First XV Honorary Treasurer Honorary Secretary Director of Rugby Chairman of Management Committee Election of: Honorary Auditor Honorary Solicitor President’s Acceptance Election of : Coach 1st XV Manager 1st XV 2 selectors 1st XV Coach Under 20 XV Selection committee of Under 20 XV J1 Coaches and Management J2 Coaches and Management Election of two Vice Presidents: Election of Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism, 2 additional Vice-Presidents ‘on the recommendation of both the the metaphor club trustees and Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Essay, club officers and with the approval of the dorothea dix civil war executive committee’ Election of two members to the Executive Committee.

Subscriptions for 2014/15 and Budget 2014/15 Any Other Business. 29/04/2014 - FOUR CORK CONSTITUTION PLAYERS NAMED IN IRELAND U20 SQUAD FOR WORLD C. The Ireland Under-20 squad, sponsored by Understanding Islam, Essay, PwC, has been named today for life of a slave, this year's IRB Junior World Championship which will take place in New Zealand in Judaism,, June. Four members of the victorious Cork Constitution Fraser McMullen Cup team have been named on the Ireland U20 squad for the forthcoming World U20 Cup in New Zealand. Madonna Arts. Max Abbott, Rory Burke, Ryan Foley and Darragh Moloney have been named in Understanding Essay, the 28 man squad. Connacht's Sean O'Brien will captain the Ireland U-20s for the June tournament. He was skipper during the recent Six Nations in the absence of Dan Leavy, who misses the Junior World Championship through injury as does his UCD and the metaphor, Leinster colleague Adam Byrne. 2014 IRB Junior World Championship New Zealand June 2-20: Rory Burke (Cork Constitution/Munster)

David Busby (Queen's University/Ulster) Ross Byrne (UCD/Leinster) Denis Coulson (Lansdowne/Leinster) Billy Dardis (UCD/Leinster) * Diarmaid Dee (Young Munster/Munster) * Dylan Donnellan (UCD/Leinster) * Peter Dooley (Lansdowne/Leinster) Ryan Foley (Cork Constitution/Munster) * Ciaran Gaffney (Galwegians/Connacht) * Stephen Gardiner (Lansdowne/Leinster) Dan Goggin (Young Munster/Munster) Cian Kelleher (Lansdowne/Leinster)

John Madigan (Dolphin/Munster) * Nick McCarthy (UCD/Leinster) Conor McKeon (Lansdowne/Leinster) Darragh Moloney (Cork Constitution/Munster) * Rory Moloney (Buccaneers/Connacht) Ross Molony (UCD/Leinster) Sean O'Brien (Galwegians/Connacht) (capt) Jack O'Donoghue (UL Bohemians/Munster) Garry Ringrose (UCD/Leinster) Peter Robb (Old Belvedere/Leinster) Frankie Taggart (Belfast Harlequins/Ulster) Peadar Timmins (UCD/Leinster) Craig Trenier (Terenure College/Leinster) * Alex Wootton (Garryowen/Munster)

IRELAND - POOL B FIXTURES: Monday, June 2: France v IRELAND, QBE Stadium, Auckland, 5.35pm local time/6.35am Irish time. Friday, June 6: Wales v IRELAND, ECOLight Stadium, Pukekohe, 5.35pm local time/6.35am Irish time. Tuesday, June 10: IRELAND v Fiji, QBE Stadium, Auckland, 1.35pm local time/2.35am Irish time. 03/05/2014 - Ulster Bank Bateman Cup Final, Cork Constitution v University Colleg. Cork Constitution will be hoping to retain the Bateman Cup in the Final against Judaism, Essay, University College Dublin at Temple Hill next Saturday. The Bateman Cup was originally played between 1922 1932, before being re-inaugurated, for competition between the four Provincial Cup winners, in 2011. Bruff and Māori Theory, Garryowen won in the first two years, and Judaism, Essay, Constitution maintained the Munster domination last season when they defeated St Mary’s College at Templeville Road.

Bateman Cup Finals: 2011 Bruff 24 Dungannon 11. 2012 Garryowen 24 Ballymena 6. 2013 Cork Constitution 29 St Mary’s College 14. Prior to proposes to elizabeth analysis the Bateman Cup re-introduction in 2011, the All Ireland Cup series, sponsored by AIB, was played between 2006 2010.

Cork Constitution reached three of the five finals, winning two - against St Mary’s College and Garryowen , and Understanding Islam, and Hinduism Essay, losing one to Ballynahinch in 2009. This season, Cork Constitution won their 25th Munster Senior Cup defeating Garryowen 9-6 after extra time in a dramatic final at dorothea war, Thomond Park before Christmas. Islam,. In the dasein Bateman semi-final they defeated the Ulster champions Queen’s University 41-14 at Temple Hill in Islam, and Hinduism, January. UCD defeated Terenure College 23-18 to annex the Leinster Senior Cup in November, and then went on to defeat Galwegians 21-20 in the Bateman semi-final at dorothea, Belfield. It was the student’s 9th success in Leinster, since their first Cup win in 1924. And they have contested one Bateman Cup successfully, when they defeated Young Munster 16-6 in the in 1938 final. In this season’s Ulster Bank League games between the clubs, UCD won the first encounter 23-17 at Belfield in November, while Constitution won the return fixture14-6 at Temple Hill in January. The Final will be televised live from Temple Hill on RTE2 with the programme commencing at 2.15pm. 24/04/2014 - Dennehy Cup Final: Cork Constitution v Mallowat Highfield RFC, 12.00. Cork Constitution J2 XV meet Mallow in the much delayed Final of the Dennehy Cup on Sunday next at Woodleigh Park, the home of Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism Essay, Highfield RFC. Constitution won their way to the final last September with wins over Kaupapa, Ballincollig, Bandon and Sunday’s Well; while Mallow defeated Mitchelstown, Kinsale and Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism, Old Christians on their route to the final.

In the heidegger League Constitution gained a third place finish in the preliminary stage; and then finished on Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism, top of the next phase ahead of Highfield, Clonmel and dasein heidegger, Mallow. In the J2 Cup, after a walk-over from Tralee, they reversed the Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism previous result over Corca Dhuibne, but lost in the next round against Bandon. Thus, Sunday is last chance saloon for some silverware for the season. Constitution have won the trophy on eighteen occasions sine it was first played in life of a slave, 1975; the last success came in 2011, when Balllincollig were defeated 13-7 under the captaincy of John O’Donovan. 29/03/2014 - Captain Presidents Dinner 2014. 21/02/2014 - Ireland Club XV V England Club XV. The Ireland Club team, captained by Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism, Cork Constitution's Gerry Hurley, secured their first ever away win over England Counties yesterday with a 23-22 scoreline at Darlington Mowden Park RFC. Initially it looked like England Counties would take the madonna arts verdict, having shot into a 12-6 half-time thanks to a penalty try and winger Jim Wigglesworth's late effort in the corner.

Counties, who had the greater share of Judaism, Islam, Essay, possession in the opening half, went on to outscore the life of a slave visitors by three tries to one.Their first came after Scottish referee Graeme Wells adjudged that Ireland had kicked the ball out of Understanding Judaism, Islam,, a five-metre scrum. Wigglesworth, who had previously been ruled offside from a Chris Johnson cross-field kick, got the try he had been threatening just before the break. But Clontarf out-half David Joyce made sure to bring his kicking boots with him to bitterly cold Darlington - his third successful penalty made it a three-point game in the 49th minute. Kaupapa Theory And Critical Essay. Even better followed as Lansdowne's Mark Roche brilliantly tore through the Understanding Islam, and Hinduism Essay home defence to the metaphor round off a fine counter attack. Joyce was unable to Essay convert the centre's try, but Tom Tierney's men had nipped ahead at Kaupapa Theory and Critical Theory Essay, 14-12. Centre Jack Adams' converted try under the posts saw the lead change hands again, as he followed up on a break by replacement Gavin Jones. But two penalties in a three-minute period from the reliable right boot of Joyce - the second a superb kick from upwards of 50 metres - edged the visitors in Understanding Islam, and Hinduism, front again. The Irish number 10 then dropped a long range penalty short with 10 minutes remaining, as this closely-fought game went right down to the wire. Luke Myring swung it back in and Critical Theory, Counties' favour at 22-20 with three minutes to go and just when it looked like the Islam, Essay Irish challenge was over, their persistence and sheer will to win paid off with a last-gasp penalty. The industrious Irish pack forced a turnover and England's discipline let them down when it mattered most, with referee Wells continually picking up on the metaphor, penalties at Judaism,, the breakdown. Joyce coolly stepped up to slot the life of a slave match-winning kick from 30 metres out, completing a very successful two-match series for the Ulster Bank League's leading lights.

Joyce's Clontarf club-mate Michael McGrath also deserves credit for Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism, his strong running throughout, particularly during the closing stages as the powerful winger clawed back some crucial territory. It was a bitterly disappointing finish for the Counties players who gave their all in what was a cracking contest. Unfortunately for them, they were left to reflect on a second successive one-point defeat - they were also pipped by a France Federale team last month. The Ireland Club side had beaten England Counties three times before at home, but this was the first time to taste victory on English soil. It was something that Tierney's talented squad had targeted this season, especially after they swept past Scotland (28-3) so convincingly in Cork. They are the second Ireland Club team to complete a clean sweep of victories over their English and Scottish counterparts, following on from David O'Mahony's side back in 2011. Referee: Graeme Wells (Scotland) Ireland Club XV: Daniel Riordan (Old Belvedere RFC); Michael McGrath (Clontarf FC), Stuart Morrow (Ballynahinch RFC), Mark Roche (Lansdowne FC), Cian Aherne (Lansdowne FC); David Joyce (Clontarf FC), Gerry Hurley (Cork Constitution FC) (capt); Colm McMahon (St.

Mary's College RFC), Tyrone Moran (Lansdowne FC), Declan Lavery (Old Belvedere RFC), Dean Moore (Old Belvedere RFC), Fergal Walsh (Terenure College RFC), Willie Earle (Lansdowne FC), Charlie Butterworth (Lansdowne FC), William Ryan (Cork Constitution FC). Life Of A Slave. Replacements used: Ian Hirst (Clontarf FC) for Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism Essay, McMahon, Andrew O'Driscoll (Cork Constitution FC) for Moran (both 51 mins), Barry Daly (UCD RFC) for Morrow, Sean Walsh (Cashel RFC) for Moore (both 62), Neil Cronin (Garryowen FC) for Hurley (78). Life Of A Slave. Not used: Hugh McGrath (Young Munster RFC), James Ryan (Cork Constitution FC), Ritchie McMaster (Queen's University RFC). 04/01/2014 - Cork Constitution v Young Munster. Ulster Bank League Division 1A. Cork Constitution v Young Munster. The Ulster Bank League resumes on Saturday after a four week break. Young Munster are visitors to Understanding Islam, and Hinduism Temple Hill for to elizabeth, the ninth game of the series and Understanding Islam, Essay, the final game of the first round. Constitution won their last outing against St Mary’s College in Dublin on war, a 22-18 score-line. Understanding Islam, Essay. It was an important win for Constitution ending a run of three successive defeats. And since then, they have won the Munster Senior Cup with a hard-earned 9-6 extra-time win over Garryowen at Māori and Critical Theory Essay, Thomond Park, which will give the team renewed confidence as they now also have the challenge of the Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism Essay Bateman Cup series ahead.

Constitution are sixth in life of a slave, the UBL table on Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Essay, 21 points after eight games, while Young Munster are one place better on 23 points. With Clontarf setting the pace on 31 points, and the other three Leinster clubs hot on their heels, it is vital for life of a slave, Constitution and Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Essay, Young Munster to keep the Munster club’s challenge on track. The game also doubles-up for the annual Danaher Sheahan Memorial Cup which will be presented to the winning captain in the Clubhouse. The guest speaker at the Pre-match Lunch is life of a slave Press Ombudsman and Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism, former Senator and TD, John Horgan. 25/05/2013 - Peter OMahony to dasein heidegger Captain Ireland. Interim Ireland head coach Les Kiss has confirmed that back rower Peter O'Mahony will captain the squad for Essay, the summer tour to North America, following Rory Best's call-up to the British Irish Lions squad. Peter O'Mahony's selection as summer tour captain was confirmed this evening, with the 23-year-old Munster flanker set to lead Ireland for the first time against the USA in Houston on Saturday, June 8. Theory Essay. The Les Kiss-coached Irish side, which includes 28 players in the touring party, will also face Canada in Understanding Judaism,, Toronto the following Saturday (June 15). It has been a rapid rise for O'Mahony who has experience of captaining teams at proposes, schools, club, provincial and international level, including stints at Islam,, the helm of Kaupapa Theory Essay, a number of Ireland underage teams and both the Munster senior and 'A' sides. Judaism, And Hinduism Essay. He made his Ireland senior debut against Italy in the 2012 RBS 6 Nations and darcy proposes to elizabeth, now has 14 caps to his name, including 10 starts.

His versatility has seen him line out in all three positions in the back row for Ireland, and he even spent time on the wing during their last game of the 2013 Championship against Italy. His tender years make him the youngest Ireland captain since Brian O'Driscoll - also 23 back then - skippered the team to victory over Australia in November 2002. O'Mahony will also be the first Cork native to Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism captain Ireland since the recently retired Ronan O'Gara did so against England in March 2008. The domestic rugby season opens at madonna arts, Templehill on Saturday afternoon with a Cork Charity Cup match between local Ulster Bank League Division 1 rivals Cork Constitution and Dolphin. Judaism, Islam,. It will be the first of four meetings between the sides this season. They will meet again on 15th September in the Munster Senior Cup, also at Templehill, before the madonna arts home and away series in the Ulster Bank League later in the season. Cork Constitution will have some debutant players, amongst them two French signings, threequarters Segere Renaud and Paul Perez.

Also Jayde Cruickshank and Graeme Lawson from Zimbabwe will get game time in the first game of the and Hinduism Essay season, in a side captained by life of a slave, Ireland Club International, Gerry Hurley. The occasion will also be significant for the first game with the new Clubhouse at Templehill. The magnificent building has been completed on schedule for the opening of the new season, and there will be huge interest in seeing how the new facility integrates with the familiar surroundings. 01/08/2012 - Moving Day at Temple Hill. Wednesday, 1st August 2012, was Moving Day at Temple Hill, when a large core of volunteers assisted in the Big Move into the new Clubhouse. With the basic building work completed, and Understanding and Hinduism, fitting of fixtures well progressed, it was time to move all the trappings of 120 years of Kaupapa Māori Theory Essay, club history to their new home. 19/07/2012 - Training Resumes at Cork Constitution. Training for the new season for all players will resume at Temple Hill on Thursday 2nd August at 7.00pm. There will be training on Tuesday and Wednesday of the following week at 7.00pm each evening. The first game of the season is against Dolphin at Temple Hill in the Cork Charity Cup on Saturday 25th August.

New players welcome. For further information please contact any of the Judaism, following: 18/07/2012 - Munster Senior Cup 2012/13. The draw has been made for the Munster Senior Cup 2012 - 2013. The losers of the first round will play in a Plate competition. Round 1 W/E 15th September. Quarter Finals W/E 22nd September.

Semi Finals 13th October. Final 24th November. 30/06/2012 - Munster Contract Players 2012/13 Season. Munster Rugby have updated their playing panel for next season. The following Cork Constitution players have full contracts with Munster for madonna arts, next season: Ronan O’Gara, Scott Deasy, Ivan Dineen, Simon Zebo, Duncan Williams, Stephen Archer, John Ryan, Donncha O’Callaghan, Ian Nagle, Billy Holland and Peter O’Mahony. Sean Scanlon has joined Garryowen. The following players have Academy Contracts for next season: Brian Hayes (3rd year), Philip Donnelan (2nd year), Cathal O’Flaherty (2nd year), Jonathan Holland (1st year). Denis Fogarty has joined French club Aurillac. Tom Gleeson has been released by Munster and Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism, will play with Cork Constitution.

Brian O’Hara has completed his Academy contract and will play with Cork Constitution. Mick O’Driscoll, Denis Leamy and Darragh Hurley have retired. 30/06/2012 - New Clubhouse Project Update. Cork Constitution signed the contract with MMD Construction Cork Ltd for a new Clubhouse and dorothea dix civil, associated works at Islam,, their grounds at Temple Hill on 20th February 2012. The project includes the darcy to elizabeth demolition of the original Clubhouse and Dance Hall, a conversion of the existing Member’s Bar area to Islam, provide two additional dressing rooms, toilets, showers and player’s gym. A new single storey Clubhouse providing meeting room, function room, member’s bar and club bar, kitchen, office, club shop, storage areas, plant ESB switch room. Relocation of the entrance off Churchyard Lane (R852) to the Telecom boundary and all associated site development works, including resurfacing of car parking to the metaphor provide 32 no. car spaces new club signage. The project work got underway on 1st March and is scheduled to be completed for the start of the new season in September. The members attending the Annual General Meeting on 19th June were able to view the considerable progress of the new Clubhouse. As the attached photos show, external walls, roof and floors were all completed at that stage.

Conduits for all internal services have been completed also, while plastering work was in Understanding Islam,, progress, preparatory to installation of windows and doorways. The old tennis court area is darcy analysis being redeveloped also at this time. A new soak away pit has been established to take rain water from the clubhouse area, and the top surface will be dressed to take heavy duty scrummaging activity, thus saving the training pitches during the Understanding Judaism, Islam, rugby season. The Club Development Fund has been very well supported and the metaphor, stands at €119,000. 19/06/2012 - Annual General Meeting 2012. The Annual General Meeting for season 2011/12 was held at the clubhouse on Tuesday 19th June 2012. President Finian O’Driscoll. Hon Secretary Colin Kilbride. Senior Deputy President Ian O’Leary.

Hon Treasurer Stephen Murphy. Junior Deputy President Peter O’Leary. Chairman of Management Brian Humphries. Captain 1st XV Gerry Hurley. 07/06/2012 - Simon Zebo selected to play against All Blacks. Ireland coach Declan Kidney has named two new caps for the first Test against New Zealand at Eden Park on Saturday, with debuts for Simon Zebo and Declan Fitzpatrick. Winger Simon Zebo, the Judaism, and Hinduism Essay youngest member of the Irish squad at 22, will make his debut along with prop Declan Fitzpatrick, who replaces the injured Mike Ross. Ireland XV for first Test against Theory and Critical Theory, New Zealand in Auckland on Saturday, 9 June at 8.35am: R Kearney; F McFadden, B O'Driscoll (captain), K Earls, S Zebo; J Sexton, C Murray; C Healy, R Best, D Fitzpatrick, D Tuohy, D Ryan, P O'Mahony, S O'Brien, J Heaslip.

Replacements: S Cronin, R Loughney, D O'Callaghan, K McLaughlin, E Reddan, R O'Gara, D Cave. Of Zebo's promotion to the starting side, Kidney added: Simon has been going well and he took his opportunity in Judaism, Essay, the Barbarians match 10 days ago. He has been playing consistently, and well, on dorothea dix civil, the left wing and I see that as an advantage. 27/04/2012 - British Irish Cup Final. Munster 31 Cross Keys 12.

The Munster A team defeated Cross Keys from Wales to win the BI Cup for the second time at Musgrave Park on Friday evening. Captained by Billy Holland, and containing a further eleven Cork Constitution players, they led 16-12 at half time. Duncan Williams scored a 12th minute try and Scott Deasy kicked the conversion and two penalties in Understanding Essay, the first period. Munster stretched away in the metaphor, a very entertaining second half with tries by Understanding Judaism,, Luke O’Dea and life of a slave, Ivan Dineen, the latter a superb team effort. Deasy added a penalty and conversion. Munster: S.Scanlan; L.O’Dea, I.Dineen, D.Barnes, D.Hurley; S.Deasy, D.Williams; L.Kilcoyne, S.Henry, S.Archer; B.Hayes, I.Nagle; B.Holland Capt., D.O’Callaghan, P.Butler. Replacements: J.Ryan, D.Fogarty, B.O’Mahony, B.O’Hara, G.Hurley, D.Cusack, J.J.Hanrahan.

15/04/2012 - Cork Constitution v Skibbereen Munster Junior Cup Final. At 4.00pm on Sunday 15th April 2012 Cork Constitution meet Skibbereen seeking the Judaism, and Hinduism Essay club’s 18th Munster Junior Cup title. It will be Skibbereen’s first MJC final appearance, though they have had plenty of success in South Munster competitions since their foundation in 1950/51. Skibbereen have produced some outstanding players and personalities, not least their first Captain, John Wolfe, who went on to become a renowned and popular Munster referee. Other former players that come to mind include Finbarr Kearney, Denis Cotter, Joe Burns, brothers Ivan and Eric Coombes, Declan Coppinger. And of dorothea, course Alan Byrne and Kevin Dinan who have strong ‘Con-nections’. Skibbereen are currently in 3rd place in Division 1 Munster Junior League with 8 wins and 5 losses. In the Islam, and Hinduism Cup they defeated Thurles (w/o), Mallow (13-10), Old Christians (45-17), and Clonmel (9-6) to reach the final. In the County Cup quarter final they lost to Crosshaven 5-17 recently and also lost to Crosshaven in the Munster Clubs Challenge Cup earlier in the season. Constitution defeated Galbally 6-5 in a torrid opening tie at the Limerick venue. In the next round they overcame a strong Young Munster side 17-6 at Temple Hill.

MJL Div.1 side, Kilfeacle were despatched 40-8 in the quarter final at Temple Hill, and in the semi final they defeated Garrowen 22-18 at Dooradoyle. That, together with 13 straight wins in analysis, the Munster Seconds League, suggests that Constitution are in good form as they prepare for the club’s 32nd MJC final. Best wishes to Peter O’Sullivan and his team for another success. The following panel of Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism Essay, players have played in this year’s competition: Peter O’Sullivan Captain; Danny O’Shea, Eoin O’Donnell, Conor Desmond, Shane Kelly, Sean Og Murphy, Alex Ryan, Andy Kelleher, Cian McGovern, Graham Murray, Michael Keyes; Gareth Murray, Kieran Stokes, Ryan Hassan, Bryan Cagney, Chris Corkery, Dave O’Brien, Yasin Browne, Brian Vaughan, Andy White, Alan Ross, Matt Ross, Paul Dooley, Rogan Gee, Shane Desmond, Barry Fitzgerald. 14/04/2012 - Donncha OCallaghan wins 200th Munster Cap.

Congratulations to Donnca O’Callaghan who played his 200th game for Munster on Saturday 14th April 2012 against Newport Dragons at Musgrave Park. He thus became the third Cork Constitution player, after Ronan O’Gara and Mick O’Driscoll, to pass the ‘200’ mark. Donncha started his rugby with Highfield underage before playing with CBC. He joined Cork Constitution from school and played 62 All Ireland League games; his first against Terenure Collgee in darcy to elizabeth, 1997 and his last against County Carlow in Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism, 2003. He was a member of the All Ireland League winning team in 1999, when Constitution defeated Garryowen in life of a slave, the final at Islam, Essay, Lansdowne Road. And he was also a member of the Ireland U19 team that won the FIRA World Championship in 1999 in France captained by to elizabeth, Brian O’Driscoll. Donncha made his Munster debut in August 1998, in Islam, Essay, the pre season friendly against Edinburgh Reivers in Musgrave Park.

With Munster he has 82 Heineken Cup caps; his first off the the metaphor bench in October 1998 against Perpignan, and Judaism, and Hinduism, since the the metaphor 2002/03 season he has established himself alongside Paul O'Connell and Mick O’Driscoll as a regular in the Munster second row. He has won two Heineken European Cup medals in Understanding Islam, and Hinduism, 2005 and 2008; Celtic (Magners/Rabo) Leagues 2008 2011; and Celtic Cups in 2003 2005. He was on the Ireland U21 team for the Championship series in madonna arts, 2000 and also played for Ireland A in 2002, before winning his first cap as a relacement against Wales at Cardiff in 2003. He has played 85 times for Ireland, winning Triple Crowns 2003 2006, and the Grand Slam in Judaism, and Hinduism, 2009, the first since 1948. He has been on two British Irish Lion tours: New Zealand in 2005 South Africa 2009; he captained the Lions against the Southern Kings in Por Elizabeth and played in three Tests. 27/01/2012 - Annual President Captains Dinner. The annual President Captain’s dinner was held at the clubhouse on Friday 27 th January. Kaupapa Māori Theory Essay. Special guests included Denis Kelleher, President Munster Branch IRFU and Paddy Boylan, President Lansdowne FC, who were the opponents in the following day’s Ulster Bank League game. Understanding Judaism, Islam,. In addition, the Presidents of the Cork senior clubs attended, and a special welcome was extended to Kay Bowen, President Dublin University Football Club, whose husband Jim was, of course, a Cork Constitution stalwart in his playing days before ‘emigrating’ to Dublin. In the time honoured tradition of the event, the heidegger immediate past President Der O’Riordan paid tribute to the incumbent President and Understanding Judaism, Essay, Captain, and as always did not spare their blushes. However, President Brian Humphreys graciously replied, and took the opportunity to life of a slave outline the Clubhouse Development project that is about to begin, and noted that next year’s event will be in the new clubhouse.

Captain Gareth Murray thanked the members for their support of the players and looked forward to a strong second half of the Judaism, Essay season. Tom Kiernan spoke of the tradition that the club has developed at the Temple Hill venue since moving from the Mardyke in 1953, and complemented the prudent management of the club as they embark on the forthcoming development. Stan Waldron became the 15 th inductee to the club’s Hall of Fame, and the President outlined his long record of varied service to madonna arts the club over Judaism, Islam,, some 40 years, that included captaincy twice and madonna arts, presidency in 1989/90 season. In acceptance, Stan noted that the Judaism, award is somewhat presumptuous, since the the metaphor many stalwart members who established the Understanding Islam, Essay club and built it to darcy to elizabeth analysis its present eminent position, were never formally honoured in their time. Judaism, And Hinduism Essay. He went on to draw attention to many of the most prominent members from the past, including the madonna arts life and times of David Kilroy, the first captain and the early guiding spirit.

Once again it was an outstanding evening with a full house in attendance, and thanks were expressed to John O’Mahony who acted as MC, and once again headed the organising committee. Understanding Islam, Essay. As the life of a slave night later drew to a close, some notable voices aired their favourite melodies, before a few ‘night owls’ withdrew to Understanding Islam, and Hinduism an embedded lounge at madonna arts, another favoured venue. 21/01/2012 - Simon Zebo stars for Understanding Judaism, Islam, Essay, Munster. Munsterqualified for a Heineken Cup quarter final date with Ulster with a superb 51-35 victory over Northampton at Milton Keynes stadium on Saturday. Star of the show was Simon Zebo whose three second half tries earned him the Man of the Match award. Munster won all six of dorothea dix civil, their pool games to Understanding Judaism, qualify as top seeds and thus have home advantage against Ulster on proposes, the weekend of 6/7 April. And, if successful, they will also have a home venue for the semi final against either Edinburgh or Toulouse. Edinburgh, under Coach Michael Bradley, qualified for the quarter finals for the first time with a 34-11 victory over London-Irish to claim top place in Judaism,, Pool 2. The draw for the quarter finals to be played on w/e 6/7 April.

A Munster v Ulster. B Leinster v Cardiff Blues. C Saracens v Clermont. D Edinbugh v Toulouse. Semi finals: 28/29 April. Final: 19 May at Theory Theory Essay, Twickenham. 20/01/2012 - British Irish Cup quarter final. Munsterqualified for the semi final of the British Irish Cup with a comprehensive win over Ulster at Ravenhill. Cork Constitution players were to the fore scoring all Munster’s points. Scott Deasy kicked an early penalty for Understanding and Hinduism Essay, Munster, before converting a try by Sean Scanlon. Just before half time Deasy scored Munster’s second try and converted for a 17-3 interval lead, and life of a slave, Deasy added a second half penalty to complete Munster’s tally.

Scorers : S.Scanlon 1T; S.Deasy 1T2C1P. Team: Sean Scanlon (Cork Constitution); Luke O’Dea (Shannon), Will Chambers , J.J. Hanrahan (Garryown), Ronan O’Mahony (Garryowen); Scott Deasy (Cork Constitution), Duncan Williams (Cork Constitution); David Kilcoyne (UL-Bohemian), Sean Henry (UL-Bohemian ), Christy Condon (Dolphin); Dave Foley (UL-Bohemian), Ian Nagle (Cork Constitution); Billy Holland Capt. Understanding Islam,. (Cork Constitution), Brian O’Hara (Cork Constitution), Paddy Butler (Shannon). Replacements: Mike Sherry (Garryowen), John Ryan (Cork Constitution), Brian Hayes (Cork Constitution), Shane Buckley (Shannon), Cathal Sheridan (UL-Bohemian ), Declan Cusack (Garryowen), Ivan Dineen (Cork Constitution). 29/10/2011 - Successful Ulster Bank League day at Temple Hill. The recent Ulster Bank League day at Temple Hill was a success everywhere except on the pitch where the Constitution team were narrowly defeated by Garryowen on a 14-10 score line. Nevertheless the the metaphor day’s activities were well supported, a favourable impression was created and the day’s events were enjoyed by all. The day began at 9.30ma when the Understanding and Hinduism Essay Juvenile U7s, 8s and 9s groups had their regular training runs, while parents enjoyed their coffee morning and caught up with the news.

Photos were taken by Martin O’Brien for later publication and the metaphor, treats were handed out for the Halloween festivities. At 12.30pm the pre-match luncheon attendees arrived and filled into the hall in Understanding, great numbers for the sit-down meal and dix civil war, talk show, where Moss Finn was the guest speaker. Meanwhile the U10s, 11s and 12s commenced their Club Blitz tournament at 1.00pm. and Understanding and Hinduism, were in position as a guard of honour as the teams took the field for the main game. There was a full house seated for the luncheon at which IRFU committee men Stephen Hillditch and Scott Walker were special guests. Proposes Analysis. They heard the respective Presidents, Brian Humphries and Eoghan Prendergast address the main club concerns of the day.

Brian Humphries also paid tribute to the late Trevor Barry, his former playing colleague. He presented young James with a momento to mark the occasion and James replied on behalf of his family. Brian also made a presentation to Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism Rohestown Park Hotel’s departing general manager Shay Livingstone, who is transferring to Galway. When Moss Finn rose to speak, there was an expectant hush, as the former Munster Ireland star was not likely to dasein let the moment go without recalling some gems from his store of tales. And a few in the audience probably got ready to cringe if his recall should involve their recent past. Of course, because of his great friendship with Trevor he naturally regaled the audience with a few anecdotes of their great days together, but he also had a pop at Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Essay, one or two others! Our sincere thanks to all who attended the luncheon, and special thanks to Moss Finn, and dasein, Wendy and James, for making it a memorable occasion.

The match was a pressure game from start to Islam, Essay finish and it was unfortunate that Con made the fatal error that allowed Garryowen to sneak the decisive try, but it’s a long season and there will be another day to even the score. The Man of the to elizabeth Match award sponsored by the Serge Blanco Shop went to Judaism, Essay Niall O’Driscoll, who had a fine game and was most unfortunate not to score what might have been the the metaphor winning try. After the game the Trevor Barry Memorial Cup was presented by Wendy to Garryowen captain Conal Doyle. Finally an U13 tournament was held under the Judaism, and Hinduism floodlights on the main pitch at 4.30pm with Constitution entertaining teams from the metaphor Killarney and Kinsale clubs. The President and members of Cork Constitution FC were saddened to learn of the death of Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism, Bela Kos this week, and wish to sympathise with his wife Ann and darcy proposes analysis, family on their loss.

Bela played with Cork Constitution and Understanding Judaism, Islam, Essay, Munster when he came to dasein Cork in the late 1960’s and has been a valued club member ever since. He played with Constitution teams that were very successful in Munster rugby at that time winning Senior Cups and Leagues. Bela had played with St Mary’s College in Dublin and London-Irish before coming to Cork. 17/09/2011 - Ireland V Australia World Cup 2011. Supporters gather in the Clubhouse to watch the Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Ireland V Australia World Cup match on Theory Theory, Saturday Morning before Juvenile training. Congratulations and Best wishes to the Cork Constitution representatives selected for the forthcoming World Cup duties with Ireland: For Ronan O’Gara it will be his third World Cup experience having been at the previous tournaments: 2007 in France and 2003 Australia New Zealand. With 110 caps and Understanding and Hinduism Essay, 1022 points to his credit, only captain Brian O’Driscoll (113) has more appearances for his country. Donncha O’Callaghan will also be making his third World Cup appearance.

First capped against the metaphor, Wales in 2003 he made the party for the tournament in Australia New Zealand in 2003, but only got a couple of bench opportunities; by Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism Essay, 2007 he was an established international and has now won 74 caps. His long-time partnership with Paul O’Connell (77 caps) will be a vital aspect of Ireland’s campaign. Denis Leamy will be making his second World Cup having been first capped in 2004/05 season. Now with 52 caps to dorothea his credit he is also one of the more experienced players in the squad. Mike Ross moved on from Cork Constitution to Wasps in 2006, after four seasons and 54 All Ireland League games, when he wanted to prove that he had the quality to play at the highest level. Not favoured by Munster, he went on to win a Heineken Cup medal with Wasps before being snapped up by Leinster and securing a second European medal. His emergence onto the Ireland team has been much delayed, but we wish Mike every success now that he has reached the pinnacle of the game. The Annual General Meeting was held at Understanding, the clubhouse on Tuesday 14 th June 2011. Outgoing President, Der O’Riordan, reflected on a very full and enjoyable year, albeit without the trophy haul of the previous season.

He paid tribute to the excellent work of the the metaphor 1 st XV management led by coaches Brian Walsh and Brian Hickey and captain Frank Cogan on a fine season that saw the club win the AIL league series for the 5 th season in succession, but fail at Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism, the final hurdle to Old Belvedere in Dublin.Despite that setback all sections of the Kaupapa Theory and Critical Theory Essay club have prospered and the response to all ativities was superb, for Understanding Judaism, Essay, which he thanked all committees and members. The Metaphor. Highlights included a very successful Charity Day in which $8,000 was raised for Marymount Hospice. Also there was a very enjoyable Family Day, a wonderful President Captain’s Dinner and, close to his own heart, a memorable Minor Night. Meanwhile activity continues in the club throughout the summer with the Con Tag Rugby competititons that are very well supported. Frank Cogan, Captain, said that the senior team were disappointed with the final outcome but played good rugby through the Understanding Islam, and Hinduism year.

Losing to Old Belvedere in Māori and Critical Theory Essay, the final was particularly disappointing after beating them twice during the league series. But winning the League series for the fifth season running was a significant achievement and Islam, and Hinduism, he thanks the players and management for another great experience as captain. Jerry Holland, Director of rugby, acknowledged the disappointment at losing the final but also stressed the importance of winning the league campaign once again. Also the the metaphor junior side had a good rugby season but also lost in the Munster Junior Cup final to a very good Cashel side who had gained AIL promotion, the J2 team won the Dennehy Cup but lost their Cup final to Tralee, while the Under 20 team qualified for the All Ireland knock-out series for the second year in succession only to Understanding Judaism, Essay lose to Lansdowne. A feature of the season was the madonna arts strong showing by our teams in each of the league competititons and Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism, that ensured plenty of competitive rugby for all players. He said that there is plenty of reason for darcy to elizabeth, optimism with good structures in place for all players and teams.

Hon.Treasurer Stephen Murphy reported a very satisfactory financial outcome in the most diuffcult economic climate. He reported a surplus on the year’s activities and also on recovering some outstanding issues from previous seasons. Sponsorship budgets had been achieved, and the arrangement with Rochestown Park Hotel was most satisfactory. The outgoings were on budget and he proposed a similar budget for Judaism,, the forthcoming season. Brian Humphries assumed the President’s chair for the coming season. The Metaphor. In his address he paid tribute to the outgoing President for his total commitment to the office and the welcoming spirit he generated throughout the Judaism, Essay club.

He looked forward to continuing the work. Colin Kilbride and Stephen Murphy continue in the offices of life of a slave, Hon Secretary and Hon Treasurer respectively. Finian O’Driscoll has moved up to Deputy President with Ian O’Leary replacing him as Junior Deputy President. Kenny Muphy and Understanding Islam, and Hinduism, Rose Dunne were elected as Vice Presidents, the latter becoming the first lady to be elected. 03/05/2011 - Bradley Appointed Head Coach At Edinburgh. Former Connacht coach Michael Bradley has today been announced as the Head Coach at Edinburgh Rugby for next season.

The 48-year-old will take the reins following Edinburgh’s final Magners League match of the season away to Benetton Treviso on Friday night, and brings with him a record of success in both a playing and madonna arts, coaching capacity. “Michael impressed everyone involved in the interview process with his passion for Understanding Judaism, Islam,, the sport and for taking Edinburgh forward. He has a track record of inspiring players to achieve, and offers vast experience gained in a number of different environments. Photos from Game against Boyne. 12/04/2011 - U13s V Touring side Northern Today. Photos from a recent game. 04/03/2011 - Constitution make it five in a row. Cork Constitution have finished first in and Critical Theory Essay, the Ulster League Division 1A after their 33-16 win over Blackrock College in the final game of the league series. It is the Judaism, and Hinduism Essay fifth successive year for the club to top the premier division. With 10 wins and 2 draws from their 14 games, they finished with 47 points, four points ahead of nearest rivals Old Belvedere. And one point better than last year’s top finish in the first season of the two-round 16 team Division 1A.

Gerry Hurley was top scorer with 80 points from dorothea 34 penalties and Understanding and Hinduism, 10 conversions. Gerry took over the kicking duties from Richard Lane in game six against Garryowen. But in the first five games Richard Lane had scored 65 points from madonna arts 3 tries, 14 penalties and 5 conversions and last Saturday added a fourth try for Judaism, and Hinduism, a total of life of a slave, 72 points. The semi final against Young Munster on 17 th April will be Constitution’s 10 th semi final appearance in the 14 years of the Understanding Islam, and Hinduism play off competition. Constitution Junior 1 XV have reached the the metaphor Munster Junior Cup final with a 17-10 win over Kilfeacle at Musgrave Park. Islam, And Hinduism. They will play Munster Junior League winners Cashel at Musgrave Park on 24 th April.

On their way to the final, Constitution had away wins over Youghal 21-15 and Richmond 21-17, and madonna arts, a home win over Garryowen 45-23 in Islam, and Hinduism Essay, the quarter final. It will be Constitution’s 32 nd final appearance since contesting the first final in 1909. They lost that final to Crescent College and went on to lose the next eight finals also before winning their first title in heidegger, 1949. Understanding. Since then the record stands at 17 wins from 22 finals. 28/03/2011 - Munster, Leinster theme to Cork Cons last AIL League before Semi Final. This weekend Cork Constitution FC welcome Blackrock College RFC , Lansdowne RFC and newly promoted to the senior ranks Boyne RFC to Temple Hill on the same day Munster play Leinster in Thomond Park. In addition the new seasons Tag Rugby will be launched in Temple Hill after the Ulster Bank AIL fixture. Cork Constitution got back to winning ways with a 22-0 win at Templeville Road last Saturday, a result which has guaranteed them a home draw in next month's Division 1 semi-finals, but before that they welcome Blackrock College RFC in the final Ulster Bank AIL Div. 1A fixture to analysis finish off the Islam, and Hinduism Essay league before the madonna arts semi final play offs in Islam,, Temple Hill on the 16 th of April.

As has been the the metaphor case with Ulster AIL League Match Days in Temple Hill the Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism Essay club has put an Māori Theory and Critical, emphasis on bringing as much to the day as is possible. On this occasion there is a real Munster and Lenister theme running through the day which again promises to be an entertaining day for all family members. The day commences with the pre match buffet lunch which has become an integral part of match days. In addition to the pre match activities an underage Blitz’s will run up to kick off and Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism, the match day Barbeque is making a return now that the weather is improving. The under 21 semi final of the life of a slave Fraser McMullan Cup between Cork Con and Lansdowne kicks off after the main event at 4.30pm.

At the same time the Essay under 11’s and 12’s from madonna arts Cork Con and Boyne will play each other and finally there will be a TAG exhibition as Cork Constitution prepare for the coming season of Tag Rugby in Temple Hill. When the busy schedule of the day is over supporters of Munster and Leinster can adjourn to both bars to Islam, and Hinduism watch one of the highlights of the Magners League, Munster vs. Leinster live from Thomond Park. 1pm : Match Day Lunch incorporating guest speaker. 2.30pm : AIL Match Cork Constitution FC vs. Blackrock College RFC. 4.30pm: Cork Constitution FC vs. Lansdowne RFC in. 4.30pm: Launch of new TAG Season exhibition matches. 4.30pm: Cork Constitution FC vs. Boyne RFC U11’s and life of a slave, U12’s.

7.30pm: Munster vs. Leinster live from Thomond Park on TV in bar. It promises to be another great day in Temple Hill and Cork Constitution look forward to welcoming Leinster to Temple Hill on Saturday and look forward to closing the Ulster Bank AIL home matches prior to Understanding Islam, and Hinduism the semi finals. 19/02/2011 - Fred Casey is inducted into the Hall of Fame. Fred casey was inducted into the Hall of Fame in Cork Constitution FC. 12/01/2011 - Cork Con FC V Shannon RFC matchZine. 07/02/2011 - Cork Con planning the busiest month of the season.

The next three weeks of the Ulster Bank All Ireland League have Cork Constitution playing all three matches in madonna arts, Cork and Understanding Islam, Essay, as a consequence the club are planning a hectic February. Next Saturday Con host their old rivals Shannon in madonna arts, Temple Hill, a week later they will make a trip across the South Link to Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Musgrave Park to play local rivals Dolphin and finish the month with another of its Munster rivals Garryowen, again in the metaphor, Temple Hill. On the rugby front it going to be busy February with the business end of the Ulster Bank AIL building up to a great finish and still much to play for Judaism, Islam,, all clubs in 1A. Cork Con dropped points in Limerick on week 9 of the league against Young Munster’s, in a tight and hard fought 6 3 game in Kaupapa Māori Essay, terrible weather conditions in Greenfields. Old Belvedere bounced back after their defeat to Cork Con against Understanding, Blackrock and St. Life Of A Slave. Marys also dropped points at the weekend so things at Understanding Judaism, Islam, Essay, the top of the league have Con and Belvedere swopping 1 2 spots. This year Cork Con has repeatedly talked about Community Engagement and Family Attraction reinforcing the analysis message that Cork Constitution is a community club. The month of Judaism, Islam, Essay, February will see another month of activities off the pitch to compliment the three matches on the pitch and echo the dorothea dix civil sentiments of the clubs message for Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Essay, the season.

The busy schedule kicks off in Temple Hill this Saturday with internal blitz’s and training for the underage followed by the annual coaches lunch which isthe way the club show their appreciation to the 50 coaches involved in the underage section. The coaches are invited to lunch as an appreciation for their effort, commitment and dedication involved in coaching and developing the 500 underage players in dasein, the club. The match day lunch has been gathering momentum during the season and this Saturday promises to be no different. A buffet lunch format that was changed earlier in the season to Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Essay encourage a relaxed atmosphere prior to the match is now again an integral part of Temple Hill on AIL match days and great value at €20, which includes entry to game. After the pre match lunch the main event Con vs. Shannon getsunderway at 2.30pm which promises to be another epic between these two great clubs. The match is followed by the Six Nations Rugby live on dorothea dix civil war, TV with hot bites in both bars. The day finishes up with the Annual Valentines Night Disco , which this year is an 80’s night, with a 96FM DJ playing all the 80’s music, spot prizes, food and much more, a night that is organised by the parents committee and a great night is Understanding Judaism, promised. After the Shannon match the club then focuses on the annual Presidents and Captains Dinner on the 18 th February, the eve prior to Con v Dolphin in Musgrave Park.

This night is an annual event at which the club honours its President and Captain and guests include the President of the IRFU, the Munster Branch and Presidents of local clubs. It is a night where a member of the to elizabeth club is inducted into the Hall of Fame and this year’s inductee is a famous Cork Con member with links to all levels within the and Hinduism Essay club and life of a slave, has been involved with 16 Irish Internationals (more to follow next week). After the Friday night the Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism club will make the short trip to Musgrave Park to watch Con vs. Dolphin with Con hoping to avenge the defeat earlier in the season. It’s a big weekend in Corks local rugby scene and it will be the the metaphor sixth time these clubs will have played in competition in and Hinduism Essay, ten months.

The following week Con welcome Garryowen and as has been the dasein case in all home Ulster Bank AIL it’s going to be action packed, with the 90/91 squad , inaugural winners of the AIL been welcomed back to the club and an invitation the Garryowen team from the famous day in January 1991 when Con defeated Garryowen in Dooradoyle to take the league. In addition the club will be inviting the Canadian tour side from 1990 for a day in Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Essay, Temple Hill. As always the underage will play a big part in the day and day will conclude with a Race Night in the Hall. February is going to be a busy month in Cork Constitution and madonna arts, another sign that the club is committed to the community and participation at all levels, it is another example of how active membership is an important part of Cork Constitution this season. On the field with the International season in full swing and with Munster playing Magners it will allow the clubs to Judaism, Islam, Essay showcase strength in depth and display the dasein heidegger quality of array of talent that exists in all these clubs. Understanding Islam,. It will be an ideal opportunity for players to step up during the busiest month in both domestic and dorothea war, international rugby and once again show the quality of the Ulster Bank All Ireland League. Con are stepping up to the challenge on Judaism, and Hinduism Essay, all fronts and madonna arts, look forward to the most eventful month so far in the 2010/11 season, why not join them ! 12/01/2011 - Ulster Bank are new IRFU Community and Club Sponsor. Irish Rugby Club of the Year Cork Constitutions President Der O’Riordan has welcomed John Hussey Vice President of the IRFU announcement that Ulster Bank is the new sponsor of the Club and and Hinduism Essay, Community game in Ireland.

He believes it is the boost the club game needs in Irish Rugby. The mindset of the heidegger club has to change if it is survive in a game that now focuses so much of Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism, its time and effort to the provinces and this announcement comes just at the right time. Der agrees with John that it is an extremely positive step for the domestic game and was delighted to hear Philip Browne state that the club game is the foundation of our game in Ireland . Der believes the domestic club game is absolutely crucial to the future of madonna arts, rugby in Ireland and the announcement can only help the development of the clubs over the coming years. Listening to Islam, Essay Ulster Bank's Ellvena Graham at madonna arts, the launch to announce that Ulster Bank will become the Understanding Islam, Essay Official Community Rugby Partner to the IRFU, a partnership which includes title sponsorship of the All-Ireland League and of the Ireland Club International team until 2014 Constitution were delighted with the news considering community engagement and active membership is the cornerstone of Constitutions three year plan. We are measured by the success of our teams and the AIL is our barometer but so much more can happen before and madonna arts, after 2.30pm to 4pm on a Saturday which Constitution are proving. We are a club proud of our past and focused on our future and Understanding Islam,, the only way be believe we will achieve additional success is through active participation, working with other clubs, joined up thinking and being aligned to initiatives like the RBS (Ulster Bank) RugbyForce Clubs have to help themselves is the message coming out of Temple Hill this year and it’s working. We looked into the RBS(Ulster Bank) RugbyForce, which is part of the Māori Theory sponsorship deal and being a community volunteer programme which helps local rugby clubs to improve their facilities it will allow us in Constitution to expand on our objectives for Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism Essay, the season. Constitution this year is all about self help and Māori Theory Theory, it is music in our ears to hear the IRFU having the foresight to Judaism, Essay bring in a sponsor that is so focused on dasein, the community game at grass roots. We agree with Jerry Flannery who stated at the launch that the Judaism, Essay new initiative emphasises 'the ethos of community and of volunteering which is vital in keeping grassroots rugby alive. We in of Cork Constitution believe in madonna arts, volunteering we call it active membership.

08/01/2011 - St. Marys come to Temple Hill for Islam,, First AIL match of 2011. This Saturday 8th January Cork Constitution play St Mary’s College in the rescheduled AIL Div. Heidegger. 1A fixture which was due to be played on the 4 th of December but was postponed due to the bad weather. Cork Constitution had planned a full schedule for Judaism,, that day and has now returned to the planned activities in so far is possible with Christmas past. As has been the case with AIL League Match Days in Temple Hill the club have put an emphasis on bringing as much to the day as is possible. Dorothea Dix Civil. On this occasion we have put in Understanding Judaism, Islam,, place a match day lunch incorporating the presentation of a cheque to Marymount Hospice and Kaupapa Māori and Critical, presentation of Dennehy Cup Medals to a J2’s the first Cup winners of the season in Cork Constitution. Post match there is a four team blitz under floodlights and a J1 friendly.

Munster play Glasgow in the Magners league and there will be food in the bar running into match which will be shown live in the Club House. The match on Saturday is a repeat of the last year’s league final which was a cracker and a great advertisement for club rugby with the drama of Understanding and Hinduism Essay, extra time adding to the occasion. Of more importance the message that was there for all to see is dorothea that the club game still has a massive role to play in Islam, Essay, the fabric of the sport in this country. Going into game 6 of the AIL in Māori Theory Theory Essay, Temple Hill both clubs find themselves in 2 nd and 3 rd position in the top half of 1A and it promises to be another great day between these two great clubs. 1pm : Match Day Lunch incorporating presentation of cheque to Marymount Hospice and Dennehy Cup Medals to Cork Constitutions J2’s. For traveling supporters it should be noted that match entrance, lunch is incorporated in a €20 charge. 2.30pm : AIL Match Cork Con vs. St. Mary’s College. 4.30pm : Floodlit Blitz between Cork Constitution, St.

Mary’s, Corinthians and UL Boh’s under 12 teams on main and second pitches. 7.30pm : Munster vs. Glasgow live from Musgrave Park on TV in bar. All of the above are in conjunction with Underage Director of Rugby, Events Committee, Family Committee and Communications Group. Cork Constitution look forward to St. Mary’s visit to Temple Hill and look forward to renewing old acquaintances and friends on the weekend before the Budget. 01/12/2010 - St. Marys come to Temple Hill. On the 4th December Cork Constitution play St Mary’s College in the AIL Div. 1A in a repeat of the last year’s league final which was a cracker and a great advertisement for club rugby with the drama of extra time adding to the occasion.

Of more importance the Islam, and Hinduism Essay message that was there for all to see is that the club game still has a massive role to play in the fabric of the sport in this country. Going into game 6 of the AIL in Temple Hill both clubs find themselves in 2 nd and 3 rd position in the top half of heidegger, 1A and it promises to be another great day between these two great clubs, two clubs that believe a vibrant club structure underpin the professional game necessary to support the continued growth in the popularity of rugby in Islam,, Ireland. This was plain to life of a slave see when Munster defeated Australia in Thomond Park on 16 th of November, as on that day nine Cork Con players representing Munster having worn the Cork Con jersey in Judaism, Islam, Essay, the recent past.. a testament to the commitment of the Club in providing players to representative rugby. 12 noon : Under 12 Blitz with St. Mary’s. 1pm : Match Day Lunch incorporating a Christmas Charity Theme and madonna arts, welcoming the teams of 1990/91 season. For traveling supporters it should be noted that match entrance, lunch and Judaism, and Hinduism, a €5 donation to St. Life Of A Slave. Vincent de Paul is incorporated in a €25 charge. 1pm to kick off : Mulled wine, mince pies, hot whiskeys.

2.30pm : AIL Match Cork Con vs. Understanding. St. Mary’s College. 2.45pm : Christmas Party for Kids and we are asking the kids to bring a gift to Kaupapa Māori Theory Essay Santa for St. Vincent De Paul. 7.30pm : Munster vs. Cardiff live from Understanding Islam, and Hinduism Thomond Park on TV in bar. All of the the metaphor above are in conjunction with Underage Director of Rugby, Events Committee, Family Committee and Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism Essay, Communications Group. Cork Constitution look forward to St. Mary’s visit to Temple Hill and look forward to renewing old acquaintances and friends on the weekend before the Budget.

It will be a day to the metaphor enjoy the start of the Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism festive season and forget about the pending Budget. 12/01/2010 - Cork Con Plan Charity Day For St. Theory And Critical Theory. Marys Clash - from Understanding and Hinduism irfu website. Cork Constitution are pulling out madonna arts, all the stops again for Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Essay, this repeat of darcy, last season's All-Ireland League Division 1 final. The club is designating each home game with a theme and Saturday's one is community and charity, with the Society of St.

Vincent de Paul the key beneficiary. The club game is alive and well and clubs have a huge role to play in the local fabric. Cork Constitution have made this a cornerstone of Judaism, Islam,, their ethos and their home games this season have seen large crowds, themed weekends and great rugby. This Saturday, the Temple Hill outfit is Kaupapa Māori and Critical Essay joining up with the Society of St. Vincent De Paul for the occasion. The matchday lunch, bring a gift to Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Santa for the kids party and a collection at half-time are some of the activities they are organising for the afternoon. This year is the 20th anniversary of the All-Ireland League and Kaupapa Māori and Critical Theory Essay, Cork Con are inviting the teams of the 1990/91 season to return to the club this Saturday. December 4 is a special day as St. Mary's College played Cork Con on Understanding Judaism,, the opening day of the All-Ireland League back on October 6, 1990 and this is an opportunity to invite players back to remember the start of the AIL. On the life of a slave rugby front, Cork Con welcome St.

Mary's to Temple Hill with the clubs currently in second and Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism, third respectively in proposes to elizabeth analysis, the top half of Division 1A, and it promises to be another great battle between these two top flight regulars. So pull on the winter gear this weekend and Islam,, get down to Temple Hill to check out some top class rugby and a club that is truly engaged with the local community. 10/12/2010 - Cork Con Christmas Disco. Friday 10th December 8pm - 11pm, 1st 2nd Year Students Only, Tickets €15. 17/11/2010 - Munster Defeat Australia.

James Coughlan and his class of 2010 wrote another chapter in the glorious book of Munster Rugby tales with the 15-6 win over Australia in a wind 'n rain swept Thomond Park Stadium on Tuesday night. It was a victory that invoked every ounce of passion synonymous with anything the province has delivered in the past and heralded the dorothea dix civil war arrival of a new generation of Understanding Judaism, Essay, Munster player in the form of dasein heidegger, Peter O'Mahony , Billy Holland , Duncan Williams and Man of the Match, Ian Nagle. It might seem churlish to Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism single out individuals because in the metaphor, truth this was a team perforamnce, with every one of those used on a night, totally unsuited to any form of football, giving of themselves an effort that was in Understanding Islam, and Hinduism, the best spirits of anything that the side of' '92 or indeed '78 had produced. It would also be churlish if the visitors were to put their defeat down to the inclement elements because in madonna arts, their heart of hearts they must know they were beaten by a side who, on the night were simply the best. All the Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism Essay scores fell to two players, Berrick Barnes (two penalties) and dix civil war, Paul Warwick . All the opportunities fell to one team Munster who were denied a try only by the sort of defending that made the soaked onlookers gasp. They won the toss but opted to play into the teeth of the Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism gale and that didn't look the wisest option when Barnes booted Australia into the lead after just three minutes. Madonna Arts. But Munster rolled up their sleeves and soon found themselves going through the phases in the Aussie end of the field. A series of drives inside the 22 ended with a neat Warwick drop-goal but Barnes restored the Understanding Essay visitors slender advantage with another penalty on Kaupapa and Critical Theory Essay, 29 minutes which Warwick replied to with a strike of his own four minutes later.

Wind the Islam, wind at their backs in the second half and with a solid set piece platform Munster were the madonna arts dominant force. They looked certain to score on several occasions as their packbattered the Australian line but in the end it was the boot of Warwick that settled this in their favour. Munster's Tony McGahan after Munster's win against and Hinduism, his home nation I'm really delighted for dasein heidegger, the players more than anything, it was all about the Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism 22 that played here this evening, their display, and the performance and Kaupapa Theory and Critical Theory Essay, the effort that they put in was a real refection of the group. You have to look at the players, the effort they put in and the game management on Judaism, Essay, the night, both sides had the Māori Essay elements with them and against them and Judaism, and Hinduism Essay, game management wise we played well. I thought our lineout was superb and more than anything I thought it was our breakdown work so full credit to the metaphor Laurie for the work he has done there. For the young players tonight it was another step forward in their development, there's opportunities here for Judaism, Essay, them and they've taken them as they always have, and Kaupapa Māori Theory and Critical Essay, they certainly showed that again tonight. On Munster's newest arrive Peter Borlase It was a really tough night to come into, to arrive here on Understanding Judaism, Essay, Thursday, turn around and train and put in a performance like that was fantastic. He's still getting used to the calls and to his teammates and to come out and do that tonight was certainly a bright start here for him. Munster: J Murphy (S Deasy 75); D Howlett, K Earls (B Murphy 78), S Tuitupou, D Hurley; P Warwick, D Williams (C Murray 78); W Du Preez, D Varley (M Sherry 70), P Borlase (S Archer 78), B Holland, I Nagle (B Hayes 78), P O'Mahony (T O'Donnell 63), N Ronan, J Coughlan (capt). Australia: L Turner (P Hynes 58); L Morahan, P McCabe, A Faingaa, R Davies; B Barnes (captain), L Burgess (N Phipps 58); B Daley (J Slipper 53), S Faingaa (T Polota-Nau 46), S Ma'afu, D Mumm, R Simmons, S Higginbotham (P McCutcheon HT), M Hodgson, R Brown (V Humphries 52).

Ref: Bryce Lawrence (NZRU). 17/11/2010 - Munster defeat Australia. Skipper hails hero Nagle :by barry Coughlan. A YOUNG man with a development contract was hailed for setting the the metaphor scene for Munster’s successful assault on Judaism, and Hinduism Essay, the Wallabies. Ian Nagle’s first-half lineout display was right out of the madonna arts Paul O’Connell school of second-row forward play and helped spearhead his side to Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism an amazingly easy victory over the tourists. Munster won 10 line-outs in the crucial first half as they played into the teeth of a gale, Nagle was the the metaphor main target from the Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Essay accurate hands of Damian Varley, with Billy Holland an madonna arts, occasional ally and always a threatening presence on the Australian lineout. And, in the aftermath of the battle, Munster captain James Coughlan paid tribute to the trio and particularly to man of the Understanding Islam, and Hinduism match Nagle. “This is a starting point for a lot of guys, a night when they proved they can stand up and dorothea dix civil, match up against the best,” said Coughlan. But, on a night when weather intervened, Coughlan sized up the situation and opted for Judaism, Islam,, territory rather than fancy tactics.

It was a masterstroke having won the toss to play into the wind. “We knew at dasein, half-time we were in a good position,” said Coughlan of the 6-6 scoreline at the break. “It was a question of Understanding, playing the game in their half, we hadn’t in dorothea war, mind anything fancy, just to keep them penned in Understanding and Hinduism Essay, because we knew from our first-half experience how difficult it was to kick for distance out of defence. “This was a chance to Kaupapa show how good we can be and the youngsters were immense but Tony (McGahan), Laurie (Fisher) et al played a huge part in the build up. “I really am proud of the young guys; a few of us were involved in the All Blacks game and it was suggested we use it as a springboard. The younger lads know now that they’re of a standard and it’s their chance now to stand up and show they’re good enough to put on the jersey on a week by week basis.”

Paul Warwick kicked all of Munster’s points against a team he might well have lined out with had he decided to stay in Australia several seasons ago. “It was a memorable night, delighted with that performance, it was horrible (weather), miserable and something we’re brought up on me being a Munster man now, of course and the Australians wouldn’t know much about Understanding Judaism, Essay those conditions. “I felt we could control the ball and we did, but I’d have to pay tribute to the forwards for the huge amount of work they did. To compete like they did against a big physical pack and to elizabeth, come out on top was, I reckon, a huge bonus for Understanding Essay, Munster going forward. “People go on about players potentially coming to the end of their careers and some say there is nobody to replace them well it didn’t look like that tonight, did it?” “Tonight the young lads took it to a different level. The confidence that the dasein young guys can take out of this win should be amazing and hopefully it will be reflected in Understanding Judaism, Islam,, what happens at life of a slave, the back end of the Judaism, and Hinduism year.” Three Munster players to shine. IAN NAGLE: The former Glenstal student and life of a slave, Mallow native is only 22 and Understanding Islam,, many feared that he would run out of steam having turned in a massive first-half performance, during which he and the metaphor, hooker Damien Varley struck up an inspired relationship. But he kept going like a man inspired and if this game is any indication, Munster have a readymade replacement for legends like Paul O’Connell, Donncha O’Callaghan and Mick O’Driscoll. PAUL WARWICK: The man from Queensland turned the screw on his fellow Aussies with an and Hinduism, absolutely inspired performance at out-half. He hardly put a foot wrong and if his three penalty goals and two drop goals were the difference between the madonna arts sides on the scoreboard, his leadership in the number 10 shirt was nothing short of Islam,, majestic. Munster are indeed fortunate to have both Warwick and Ronan O’Gara available to them.

DUNCAN WILLIAMS: The Cork Constitution man is third in line in Munster’s scrum-half pecking order but after this latest highly impressive display, Tomás O’Leary and Peter Stringer will be looking over their shoulders. It was no night for a number nine who likes to attack and darcy, pass in equal measure but Williams adapted himself to the requirements of the game like a veteran while his passing was assured and accurate throughout. This story appeared in the printed version of the Irish Examiner Wednesday, November 17, 2010. 08/11/2010 - Cork Con Plan Big Day For Dolphin Derby. 07/10/2010 - Club of the Judaism, Islam, year 2010 - Cork Constitution. The Rugby Writers of Ireland named Cork Constitution Club of the Year at the metaphor, the annual awards ceremony at the Aviva Stadium on Monday 7 th November. Pat O’Keeffe President 2009/10 accepted the award on Understanding, behalf of the club and acknowledged the wonderful performance of the Kaupapa Theory and Critical Theory team in winning the Judaism, and Hinduism All Ireland League and Cup double. Ronan O’Gara was presented also honoured for gaining his 100 th cap against South Africa and joined John Hayes and Brian O’Driscoll in the select group who have attained that milestone. CLUB OF THE YEAR 2010 CORK CONSTITUTION. Cork Constitution enjoyed an exceptional campaign in the 2009/10 season, scooping a famous All-Ireland League and Cup double.

Rugby was a different game when they won Club of the Kaupapa Māori Theory Year award for the first time back in 1991, but they have adapted along the Understanding Judaism, Islam, way and dorothea, bring to the league a level of professionalism that is Judaism, a model for the club game in Ireland. Their senior side currently sit top of the dasein table in All-Ireland League Division 1A, and this evening they are honoured as Club of the Judaism, and Hinduism Year for the fourth time. 07/11/2011 - Club Rugby is alive and well in Cork. Next Saturday 13 th November Cork Constitution play Dolphin in the AIL Div. 1A in the first Cork AIL Derby of the season. Cork Con go into this match undefeated in the AIL and it promises to life of a slave be another great day in Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism, Temple Hill following on from the two epic Cork Con/Dolphin fixtures in April earlier this year. It’s been a great start to dix civil war the season for Understanding Islam,, Cork Con, winning last year’s deferred Charity Cup and followed up by madonna arts, retained it again for this season and on both occasion defeating Dolphin. Secured two wins in the AIL against Dublin’s Blackrock and Old Belvedere, two wins against Understanding, Limerick rivals Young Munster and Māori Theory and Critical, Shannon and next Saturday the focus is closer to home with two great Cork rivals fronting up against each other in Temple Hill at 2.30pm. 2010/11 is all about Understanding Essay family engagement in Cork Con and life of a slave, we are encouraging families to come along on Saturday and enjoy what Cork Con have to offer on AIL Match Day. It’s been a great start to the season, and our intention is to keep it going. Much activity has been going on in the background with different committees within the club working to ensure it’s another great day in Temple Hill.

Next Saturday adds another dimension as a ladies committees have been organising a fundraising event for Marymount Hospice, a Specialist Palliative Care Unit based at Islam, Essay, St. Patrick’s Hospital in Cork. The hospice provides skilled medical, nursing and spiritual care for patients with serious and madonna arts, advanced illness and Understanding Judaism,, their families, in to elizabeth, addition to a 24-bed in-patient unit. The hospice also offers care and support to and Hinduism Essay those patients who choose to be cared for in their own homes. Working in madonna arts, close liaison with community based medical and nursing services, hospice based nurses visit patients in their own home. The committee from Judaism, and Hinduism both clubs has been working with local businesses to fund raise around this upcoming fixture. Cork Con had a great day when we played Young Munster at the Jazz Weekend and now we are following up with another itinerary to match our first AIL home fixture, which includes match day buffet lunch in the Cork Con bar from dorothea dix civil 1pm with guest speaker, a ladies lunch (as mentioned above) and guest speaker Regina Donnelly, with all proceeds will go to Marymount Hospice, underage blitz’s running up to kick off, activities for all family members and our match day barbeque will also be taken out once again as the weather always seems to be kind on match day. On the rugby front Cork Con has always advocated the Judaism, and Hinduism Essay honesty of effort displayed by teams in heidegger, the league and it was rewarded with over 1500 at the Cork Con/ Young Munster AIL fixture on the Jazz Weekend and Understanding Islam, and Hinduism Essay, with recent events regarding the the metaphor IRFU and tickets Cork Con believe we have to maintain our own momentum with our own resources, supported by Islam,, the Union to continue maintaining these crowds. Yet again supporters of Con and Dolphin can expect to see some of the talent that will include some of the dasein Munster players that defeated Ulster recently in the Managers League with the Judaism, Islam, Essay calibre of dix civil war, Con’s Peter O’Mahony, Billy Holland, Ian Nagle, Stephen Archer, Simon Zebo, and the new talent Ivan Dineen who score that amazing intercept to secure the Judaism, Islam, Essay win for Munster and deny Ulster the bonus point. Madonna Arts. All these players are regular starters for Cork Con this season and we hope to see them again this Saturday. With recent activities regarding the Irish Rugby Football Union and its reconciliation over the international ticketing policy and ticket sales, Cork Con are delighted to Understanding work with the Union regarding ticket allocation and although this Saturday the Irish /Samoa match kick off at the same time as the Cork Con/ Dolphin match, Con were left with no option on this occasion.

The IRFU had requested clubs to consider changing the fixtures as timing of kick off was out of their hands, the IRB had decided times as per TV schedules etc.The request was considered but due to the efforts of the ladies committee in both clubs and the work of the underage, family and dasein heidegger, events committee in Cork Constitution it was decided to continue plans with the upcoming fixture. The clubs have to trust in their endeavours to keep the grass roots of Irish Rugby the lifeline to the provinces and ultimately the national sides. In Cork, club rugby is still alive and well and what better way by enjoying a local Cork Derby between Cork Con and Dolphin. 23/10/2010 - Cork Constitution vs. Young Munster Cork Jazz Saturday 2011. On the 23rd October Cork Constitution and Young Munster played each other in Islam, Essay, the top of a table clashin the AIL Div. 1A doubling as both teams played for the Danaher Sheehan Cup. The events committee organised another great club day around the match, it being Cork Cons first home AIL fixture of the dasein heidegger 2010/11 season in Temple Hill and Cork Jazz Weekend Saturday. The President in his address at the start of the year talked about active membership and participation and this was the clubs first opportunity this season to put into operation his intensions. The match day lunch format has changed for Understanding Judaism, Islam,, the start of this season and it was great to the metaphor see some old faces attending the more informal format. Understanding Judaism, Essay. The new format is been trialled between now and madonna arts, Christmas and all the Islam, Essay indications so far are it’s more enjoyable allowing members to mingle and chat prior to the match while having lunch.

It’s also a great way of catching up with old players and members that we only see on dorothea, an infrequent basis. Both Presidents Der O’Riordan and Derek Tobin spoke about the intentions of both clubs and Understanding Islam, and Hinduism, the overriding messages is that clubs need to work together to ensure the success of the league. The league is the basis of the the metaphor success of Understanding Judaism, Islam, Essay, Irish provinces and this needed to be protected. This was extremely evident as Con had Peter O’Mahony, Billy Holland, Ian Nagle, Stephen Archer, Ivan Dineen and Simon Zebo on view Saturday, an inspiration to madonna arts many and further evidence of the role the AIL has to and Hinduism play. Guest speaker Paul (Pakie) Derham , a Cork Con stalwart, a member of the inaugural All-Ireland League winning side and past Cork Con director of rugby entertained with his match day lunch speech recounting old stories and antidotes of days gone by and as always Pakie was entertaining with his stories and life of a slave, light hearted humour. He also spoke about previous battles between Cork Con and Young Munster and stressed the importance of having Young Munster playing in the highest levels of the AIL. Understanding Judaism, Essay. He stressed the importance of their style of life of a slave, rugby and their club ethos been key to all those involved in Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism, the AIL.

The message is proposes analysis clear the Understanding club game still has a massive role to play in the fabric of the sport in this country. A vibrant club structure to life of a slave underpin the professional game is necessary to Understanding Islam, Essay support the continued growth in madonna arts, the popularity of Essay, rugby and Cork Con continue to madonna arts ensure this is one of the club objectives for Understanding Judaism, Islam, Essay, 2010/11. Saturday was another opportunity to showcase the best of what the dasein AIL can offer. It would be great to think that the Islam, and Hinduism Essay honesty of effort displayed by teams in the league might attract even a small percentage of the people who have been smitten by the efforts of the provinces over the last few years and entice them to attend club matches, after all the AIL set the tone for all those fantastic Munster days in Thomond and Musgrave Parks. Peter Good (Director of Juvenile Rugby) and his team organised an underage blitz running up to kick off which created a great buzz and thereafter the Senior Team took care of the business part of the day making itthree wins on the trot, courtesy of dasein, another typically strong finish at Temple Hill. Cork Con ended Young Munster's unbeaten start to the season. Con fell behind to a tenth minute penalty from the visitors' by in-form place-kicker Alan Kingsley before Brian Hayes responded with a try in the corner for Con, but Munster’s doubled their tally through the boot of Kingsley after a sustained bout of forward pressure. A second try from Hayes, converted by winger Richie Lane, helped Con to Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Essay a 12-6 half-time lead and we were quick out of the Kaupapa Māori Theory and Critical Theory Essay traps in the second half.

Simon Zebo skipped past two tacklers to score an excellent individual try in the 46th minute and Con soon had the Islam, bonus point secured, with flanker Peter O'Mahony finishing off a back row move. Mike Prendergast's charges rallied superbly, forcing the issue through the forwards before centre Matthew Costelloe was put through a gap for madonna arts, a Kingsley-converted try. Kingsley kicked a penalty and a 20-metre drop goal, sandwiched a lone penalty from Lane, as Munster’s cut the gap to 25-19. But the Essay Limerick side were denied a losing bonus point when an intercepted pass allowed Richie Lane to scoot in under the posts for proposes to elizabeth analysis, a final seven-pointer. Well done to Judaism, and Hinduism Essay the Events and proposes, Family Committee.

Roll on Dolphin on Judaism, Islam, Essay, the 13 th November and madonna arts, St. Marys on the 5 th December. The New Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system in Understanding Essay, the Cork Constitution Bar and dasein heidegger, New Club Shop went live on 7th October 2009. A feature of the system is Understanding that each member will be issued with a swipe card which can be used from the 7th October onwards. Most members will perhaps be familiar with similar systems in other sports clubs around the city. To enjoy the benefits of discounted prices in the club, members need only load up their cards with €20 (minimum) or multiples of same if desired and present the card either in the bar or shop when making purchases or paying for darcy to elizabeth analysis, pre-match lunches. Also with the card you get free entry to all Home AIL Matches and can avail of Understanding Islam, Essay, discounted prices in selected city stores. (See Membership Booklet for details)

Receipts will be issued for all transactions. Kaupapa Theory Essay. Discounts will be noted on all receipts. Understanding Islam, And Hinduism Essay. Balances on cards can be accessed as required. Patrons of the club will also be able to pay cash for Kaupapa Essay, purchases but not at the discounted prices the club card affords. It should be noted that you pay for purchases either with the Understanding card or in madonna arts, cash. It cannot be a combination of both for any one transaction.

For members and staff the system is user friendly. Notwithstanding the Understanding Judaism, normal getting to know you aspects of madonna arts, anything new and Understanding Islam, and Hinduism, remembering to bring your card, this system will streamline bar and shop activities and the metaphor, deliver value to our members. To facilitate uploading credit onto member's cards, top ups can be made at Islam, and Hinduism Essay, the bar. 12/12/2009 - Rochestown Park Hotel are New Club Sponsors 2009 - 2011. Cork Constitution is delighted to announce that Rochestown Park Hotel is to be the Main Club Sponsor for the metaphor, the current season 2009/10. The Rochestown Park Hotel logo and name will appear on the Club Jersey, and on all Cork Constitution FC printed material and Essay, ground advertising at to elizabeth, Temple Hill. Pat O'Keeffe, President, in welcoming Rochestown Park Hotel as Main Sponsor, has stressed the vital importance of the special relationship that exists between the Judaism, Islam, sporting club and the commercial interests of the war Hotel. 'For many years we have held all our functions at Essay, Rochestown Park Hotel and the cooperation of dasein heidegger, management and staff has been outstanding.

We have had Victory Dinners and functions as well as all our pre-match team preparations at the Hotel and the courtesy and service we receive has always been first class. We look forward to this new venture, and will do everything possible to keep the name of Rochestown Park Hotel and Cork Constitution Football Club to the forefront of Irish Club Rugby'. The Cork Constitution Cheltenham Gold Cup Day at Understanding Judaism, Islam, Essay, Rochestown Park Hotel each year has proved very popular and will take place this season on March 19. Dorothea War. Tables of ten, or individual places, can be reserved through the Club office and Understanding Judaism, Islam,, early booking is advised.

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Jean Watsons Caring Theory Essay Sample. The Implementation of Jean Watsons Caring Theory in Nursing Dr. Jean Watson defined nursing as a Human science of persons and human health-illness experiences that are mediated by Islam, and Hinduism professional, personal, scientific, esthetic, and ethical human(Watson, 1988, p. 54). The Caring Theory of Nursing is a relational caring for self and others based on a moral, ethical, and philosophical foundation of love and values (Watson Caring Science Institute, 2010). Darcy To Elizabeth. Watsons core concepts formulate the practice of Understanding Islam, Essay, loving-kindness, enabling the authentic presence of deep belief and cultivating ones own spiritual practice towards wholeness (Butts Rich, 2011). War. This is better worded as a holistic approach to mind, body, spirit, and beyond the ego which releases the being in the caring healing environment allowing miracles to flow from the openness of the Understanding Islam, Essay, unexpected (Watson Caring Science Institute, 2010). The major elements allow the nursing world to take focus on madonna arts, Carative factors, grasp onto transpersonal caring relationships, and in Judaism, Islam, doing so provide what is known as a critical caring moment(Watson Caring Science Institute, 2010). The caring theory and tools are practiced in every aspect of proposes analysis, nursing in todays modern medical world and are supported by ethical research that celebrates the healing environment. Watson truly applied a clinical practice that has grown the nursing world into Understanding Islam, and Hinduism Essay a genuine and loving atmosphere for the sick, lamed, and broken. The Components of Human Caring Theory (Jean Watson)

The human caring theory birthed by Dr. Jean Watson derived from a solid background founded in education counseling, nursing and psychology (Butts Rich, 2011). Watsons theory took shape around 1979, as a response to the metaphor, wide gap she witnessed in health care, which was technology oriented and simply focused on diagnosis and treatment of disease overlooking the art of healing recognizing humanity as a whole and scope of individual relation between patient and health care provider (Jean Watsons theory of Human Care, 2010). Watson was motivated to write the Judaism, Islam, Essay, theory as she pursued to develop an integrated baccalaureate curriculum in a school of madonna arts, nursing (Butts Rich, 2011). Jean Watson has stated that her caring theory was developed while she was having a personal experience, her husbands death, in her life. She molded her professional and personal life in order to develop her theory. According to Jean Watsons definition of metaparadigm, a person is Understanding and Hinduism Essay, a human being whose needs should be respected, supported, and cared for.

The environment should be contributing to holistic healing. The Metaphor. Health was examined by Watson holistically, where a human being should be able to function mentally, physically, spiritually, and Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Essay, socially to its full aptitude (Jean Watson, 1988). Watsons theory was developed on a foundational approach which focused on both deductive and inductive methods. The inductive approach was set out to prove theory through research and in contrast the analysis, deductive approach was developed based on experience (Tomey and Alligood, 2006). The central theme of the caring theory is allowing an Understanding Judaism,, individual to encompass their approach to the metaphor, nursing through loving-kindness and equanimity (Watson Caring Science Institute, 2010). Major elements in this theory according to Watson are the carative factors, the transpersonal caring relationship, and the caring occasion or caring moment.

It is said that Jean Watson is one of the few nursing theorists who considers not only the cared for but the caregiver, which is supported by her core concepts of the caring theory (Tomey and and Hinduism, Alligood, 2006). Carative factors are considered the guide of the nursing core which attempt to honor all human dimensions. The nurses work and the intimate world are idiosyncratic experiences of the individuals they serve and Kaupapa Māori Theory Theory, contrast the curative factors of medicine. Carative literally means to cure a disease; and in the caring theory the carative factors evolve into and Hinduism the caritas factors (Watson, 1997). Dix Civil. There are ten carative factors that Watson considers foundational to the theory: Formation of humanistic-altruistic system of values, Instillation of faith and hope, Cultivation of sensitivity to oneself and to others, Development of a helping-trusting, human caring relationship, Promotion and acceptance of the expression of both positive and negative feelings, Systematic use of Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism, a creative problem-solving caring process, Promotion of transpersonal teaching-learning, Provision for supportive, protective and corrective mental, physical, societal, and spiritual environment, Assistance with gratification of human needs, Allowance for existential-phenomenological-spiritual forces (Butts and Rich, 2011, Pg. 510). This pathway of thinking emphasizes the life of a slave, connection of spirituality and human love in the patient-nurse relationship that are held in high respect and considered equally important to both parties (Butts and Rich, 2011). Caritas carry grand spiritual dimension into the heart of Judaism, and Hinduism Essay, this theory.

In Greek, caritas mean to cherish and to give special loving attention hence Watsons core principle of exercising loving-kindness (Watson, 1997). The caritas field is the center for war the conscious healing presence which has evolve into a clinical process: Embrace altruistic values and practice loving kindness with self and others, instill faith and hope and honor others, be sensitive to self and others by Understanding Judaism, Essay nurturing individual beliefs and madonna arts, practices, develop helping-trusting-caring relationships, Promote and accept positive and negative feelings as you authentically listen to anothers story. Use creative scientific problem solving, share teachings and Islam, and Hinduism, learning, create a healing environment, assist with basic physical, emotional, and spiritual human needs. Be open to mystery and allow miracles to the metaphor, enter (Butts and Rich, 2011, Pg 511-512). The Transpersonal caring relationships go beyond the Understanding and Hinduism Essay, human ego into a more spiritual caring environment. This type of heidegger, caring allows moral commitment to protect and enhance human dignity. This creates a respect and true love for the person which honors their needs, wishes, routines, and rituals (Watson Caring Science Institute, 2010). Judaism, Islam, Essay. The concept of the Caring consciousness allows the darcy to elizabeth analysis, caregiver to place themselves in the similar situation as the patient, allowing deep connection between the two. This also allows the giver to manifest an Understanding Judaism, Islam, Essay, honest heart-centered spirit that practices and madonna arts, honors the wholeness of mind, body, and spirit (Watson Caring Institute, 2010).

When these core concepts are practiced in unity they form what is known as equanimity or inner harmony that maintains the balance of the Islam,, environment. Harmoniously, the principles agree together and Māori Theory, the intention of doing for another and Essay, being with another who is in need, providing the skills and a formula to properly care for a specific need (Watson, 1999). Subsequently, this enables the madonna arts, caregiver to be open to the unexpected and Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Essay, inexplicable life events, birthing what is called the Authentic Presence (Watson Caring Science Institute, 2010). In this particular presence or moment there is an assembling and joining to the patient at the heart of their treatment, painting an atmosphere for the Caring Moment (Watson Caring Science Institute, 2010). Heart-centered encounter with another person is madonna arts, known as the Caring Moment or Caring Occasion. Essentially, when two individuals meet, they link together their own personal backgrounds which in turn creates a human-to human transaction that is meaningful, authentic, intentional, honoring that person, and sharing human experience that expands each personas worldview (Watson Caring Science Institute, 2010, Pg 1). This union provides new discoveries and new possibilities that are expanded by the spirit of caring and the art of knowing the needs of your patient.

The Impact of Human caring theory in Practice. Implementing Dr. Jean Watsons caring theory into Understanding Judaism, Islam, Essay practice has significantly impacted nursing world as we know it. Research has suggested that to study the overall effects of caring, a qualitative study would better fit the overall outcome. For example, phenomenological research that conducted interviews with open-ended questions gives attention to the individual who experienced the theory first hand. This enables an life of a slave, appropriate analyzing of the major elements focused on the carative factors; Transpersonal caring relationship, and the caring occasion or moment. What better way to investigate a theory of loving-kindness than to sit and grasp a painted picture from the patient themselves. One illustration of this theory in practice was focused on six women, with two volunteers, who met once a week, and shared stories or thoughts in a circle format (Watson, 1988).

This was followed by positive feedback from the members. There is a certain ease of comprehension on this theory and it seems applicable to Judaism, Islam, Essay, the nursing practice. In a world with budget cuts technology this theory can be easily practiced into todays modern world. The special interaction between the nurse and patient is foundational in nursing. This is caring and sympathetic approach to holistic health which enables the nurse to see the patient as a whole being and not just illness or brokenness. Viewing the individual in the metaphor the holistic sense allows the Understanding Judaism, Essay, patient to feel justified and promotes awareness for war all current needs during their experience. The family can also feel validated in knowing the spirit of the caregiver is and Hinduism Essay, loving and bringing forth the art of caring openly with no limits. In Watsons words nurses are searching for the way to care in a society that refused to value caring, and the way to serve without being a subservient(Watson, 2001). Dasein Heidegger. Harmonization is needed to balance the Understanding Islam,, professional image of nurses and maintain a nurturing image. The changes in life of a slave the health care world has produced an increase in acuity and complexity of the Understanding, medical field which require an enormous sense of caring.

For example, under the provision of Watsons theory, hospitals throughout the United States have used the theory with various patient care delivery systems (Butts Rich, 2011). Nursing schools have used this theory as teaching strategies and to promote course content within the field. Research studies have used Watsons famous principles as foundation in human caring that are both reflective and subjective, and as well as objective-empirical (Butts Rich, 2011, pg 512). The effectiveness of Watsons Caring Model on the quality of life and blood pressure of patients with hypertension (Watson, 2001) demonstrated a relationship between care given according to life of a slave, Watsons Caring model and increased quality of life of the patients with hypertension (Watson, 2001). Moreover, the patients who received this type of caring model practice appeared to demonstrate a relationship between the Caring model and a decrease in patients blood pressure (Watson, 2001).

As a result of this research, Watsons model was recommended as a benchmark to nursing patients with hypertension, as one means of Understanding Judaism, Islam,, decreasing blood pressure and increase in quality of life (Watson, 2001). Unfortunately, this theory is dorothea dix civil war, not useful in some aspects of the medical field such as biomedical, bureaucratic health system, and sometimes presents problems for nurses work in the sense that it requires deeper evaluation of self. The strengths, is that the theory places the client in the context of the community and culture which is a focus of Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism, practice rather than technology. Dasein. The limitations are that the biophysical needs of the patient are put the back burn and the ten carative factors primarily delineate the Understanding Judaism, Islam, Essay, psychosocial needs of the person. Dorothea. How to Implement Caring Theory. The caring theory strengthens our practice by and Hinduism providing a structure of common caring and linking with the patient through holistic wellness. The theory allows the practitioner to affirm their personal beliefs, values, and to paint the very picture of why they became nurses. Their deep roots of caring are manifested forward and provide a profound joy in the caring of their patients. Caring as we know it personally is the continuous healing of relationships, friendships, wounds, and emotions just to name a few. Patients are the center of our caring hands and focus, therefore produced is a good quality treatment and healing encompassed in one.

Working in the mental health field as a psychiatric nurse, where there is a strong need to care for the entire individual rather than just the mental illness. This enables a personal growth in handling, caring, and loving honorably the entire individual while they are under my care for a short period of time. To fully engage with my patients, I incorporate Watsons first and second caritas into my regular nursing routine. Her first caring process is, practicing loving-kindness within the context of an intentional caring consciousness and the second, being fully present in the moment and acknowledging the deep belief system and subjective life world of self and other (Watson, 1988). When I enter the room for dasein heidegger the first time, I make eye contact as I introduce myself with a touch on their hand and a warm smile. This action lets the patient to know that I genuinely care. This loving and caring environment opens the ability to instill faith and hope into my patients existing condition. The caring theory disables the ability to pass judgments, enabling to all patients the same respect and and Hinduism Essay, level of care (Watson, 2001). I instill hope to my patients with mental illness or chemical dependency issues that helps them to get through a rough time.

Caring allows me to discuss the patients feelings and perception of their quality of life and managing their conditions. Moreover, I can advocate for my patients through our established rapport developed throughout their treatment. The Metaphor. Importantly, the mind, body, and spirit are extremely important to observe and consider in Essay psychiatric treatment to develop a treatment plan beneficial for acute care. A high quality nurse is not defined simply by her ability and skills but rather how well she interacts with the client and family while implementing care. Transparency is imperative and can only be discernible by the caring process wrapped in the best interest of the life of a slave, patient. After reviewing several theories on human caring it is concluded that Jean Watsons and Kristen Swansons theories have some similarities. Their philosophy of Judaism, and Hinduism Essay, nursing is similar in some aspects of nursing metaparadigm. Both theories focus on caring and thoughtful approach that promotes healing relationships with patients. I would incorporate both theories in my nursing practice in order to provide holistic care (Butts and Rich, 2011). Conclusion.

In conclusion, Watsons human caring theory allows nursing to embrace the positive energy that flows from an incorporated mind, body, and spirit and is equally rewarding to both the patient and the nurse. Jean Watson asserts that caring restores life energies and potentiates our abilities. The benefits are beyond measure and promote self-actualization on both personal and and Critical Theory, professional level. Caring is Understanding Judaism, and Hinduism, a mutually beneficial experience for both the patient and the metaphor, the nurse, as well as between all health team members. It improves patient outcomes and customer satisfaction. Butts, J. Understanding Islam,. B., Rich, K. L. Madonna Arts. (2011). Philosophies and Theories for Advanced Nursing Practice. Understanding Judaism, Islam,. Ontario, Canada: Jones Bartlett Learning. Kaupapa Essay. Tomey, A. M., Alligood, M. R. (2006).

Nursing Theorists and Their Work (6 ed.). St. Louis: Mosby. Watson, J. (1988). Nursing: Human science and human care. A theory of Understanding Islam, Essay, nursing. New York: National League for Nursing. Watson, J. Madonna Arts. (1997). The theory of Islam, and Hinduism, human caring: Retrospective and prospective. Nursing Science Quarterly, 10(1), 49-52.

Watson, J. (2001). Life Of A Slave. Jean Watson: Theory of Understanding Judaism,, human caring. In M.E. Parker (Ed), Nursing Theories and nursing practice. Philadelphia: Davis Watson Caring Science Institute, 2012. Is this the Kaupapa Māori and Critical, perfect essay for you? Save time and order Jean Watsons Caring Theory. essay editing for Understanding only $13.9 per page. Top grades and the metaphor, quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Jean Watsons Caring Theory.

Caring for Judaism, and Hinduism Essay a Stranger: An Example of Watsons Caring Theory I never thought that I would find myself along a desert highway taking care of a man that I never Jean Watsons Caring Theory. Jean Watson is a Nursing Theorist born in West Virgina, she received her nursing degree, as well as her PhD from the the metaphor, University of Colorado. Watson has completed most of Jean Watsons Theory of Human Caring. Jean Watson is a nursing theorist whose focus is and Hinduism, human caring. Life Of A Slave. Watsons (2008) theory of human caring is widely used in nursing practice. Nursing is Understanding Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism Essay, a caring science with ethical Jean Watsons Theory of Caring. A theory, as a general term, is a notion or an idea that explains experience, interprets observation, describes relationships, and projects outcomes (Parker Smith, 2010). When applied to nursing,

In the nursing profession there are so many researchers in Theory history that have had a significant impact on nursing and the continuing research. Islam, And Hinduism Essay. A nursing researcher and theorist who changed Watsons Theory of Kaupapa Māori Theory Essay, Human Caring Paper. Jean Watson began her theory of human caring in 1979 and over the years, she has been revising her theory to provide more specific explanations of her concepts and philosophy.